I want it all...

remember yesterday when I said I was beginning to want a mini-wardrobe makeover?

well, as I mentioned before, I really want to work for a magazine someday after I graduate. the top two that would make me absolutely the happiest girl in the world are (predictably) Vogue and The Rolling Stone. I've been thinking lately about how one would dress for a job at either of those amazing places, and all I could picture was Anne Hathaway's chic wardrobe from The Devil Wears Prada.

I love this movie, but I love the sophisticated, elegant clothes even more!

this is probably my favourite outfit of Anne's in the movie. all- black chic, kind of office-y with the collar and cuffs. but a little punch of colour with pale rose tights and CUTE shoes keep it youthful and fun.
and Meryl Streep ain't looking bad, either!

love the blazer-and-mini look, and thigh-high boots add a lot of sass! 

not the most flattering photo haha, but the dress is still lovely. a little Grecian-meets-workplace.

even though I'm not one for all black outfits, something about this one is super hot! I love that a seemingly casual outfit can get instant chic in dark colours.

so here's what I think Anne's (or, "Andrea's") essentials would be for working at a hip magazine;

- dark colours
- short skirts (but paired with tights and modest tops to keep it appropriate, of course!)
- tall boots!
- chunky necklaces
- blazers
- simple blouses

obviously I'm not taking this too literally and don't plan on having a wardrobe overhaul with all black clothes and wind up looking like an office worker. but I think the idea is to look professional and stylish.

I'm sure a lot of my clothes now would work just fine, but there are a few things I'd like to add...

textured skirts

blazers with a twist


classic blouses



sophisticated (but fun!) dresses

both dresses fr. modcloth.com

I also thought it might be a good opportunity to try those cool pleated pants that look pretty slick on other people...


so hopefully when I'm hired at Vogue I'll have a few of those pieces to build on. :o)
and that's my extremely long post about work style, haha.
I'll be posting today's outfits a little later... and then I'll be drawing for the giveaway, so really, actually, last chance!



Sybil said...

i love your pick of blouses!! so adorable!

kate maggie said...

i love every one of those outfits...and that movie is one of my favorites!x

Moomby said...

this is a great post! well written, good images, and just plain interesting and relatable