I put your picture away...

posting for the next couple days is going to be frustrating; Brandon updated my mac with a "clean install" of snow leopard (God bless him), and all my pictures from the weekend are inexplicably backed up as four of the exact same file, but different sizes, and all out of order with every single picture I have ever taken. you try sifting through ten thousand photos (yes, ten thousand) that are in no particular order and trying to find the appropriate uploadable size.

okay, deep breath. right. this is friday's outfit, I think. kind of nautical ballerina, don't you think?


top- Zara
skirt- Walmart
tights- Smart Set
shoes- Primark
sunglasses- Paris street vendor

I found myself missing red at the end of the week, so I grabbed my new striped shirt. I had no idea what skirt to wear it with at first, but I thought, why not go for fun colours and a spring-time inspired look? this is the first time I've worn flats in a long time. they're more of my summer staple. I think the result is kind of cartoonish, which I'm totally okay with. 

I did have more photos for you, but I have to get them sorted out first. 

this weekend was one of extensive movie watching and succumbing to junk food cravings. (but not too much, mom, no worries.) Brando and I watched Mystic River (awesome), Shop Around the Corner (adorable), and went to see She's Out of My League (hilarious). all very different experiences haha, but all excellent. Mystic River was the best surprise because it's not as annoyingly predictable as I first thought. 

we also ordered pizza twice. I go through food phases, and lately I am constantly craving pizza. and cheeseburgers. terrible, I know. I like it better when I crave grapes and butternut squash soup. 

...now I've gone and made myself hungry. 

well, I hope my little cartoon sailor outfit will be enough to hold you over till tomorrow, folks! time for me to get ready for bed. and try not to order a pizza. 


playing: Assassin- John Mayer


tess said...

I love the color combination here! the red and teal really pop well

Mystic River is such a powerful intense film

Unknown said...

I really like the shoes! I have a thing for colourful, plain flats.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love the colors! The skirt is darling with the striped top! And that necklace.. wow! You always have such great finds!

Jen Hsieh said...

i love the bright colors in this look so much! these are so much fun. and that sucks about your pictures...i hate having to go through hundreds of pictures to find the right ones. hopefully you'll have it all sorted out soon enough! :)
oh! i'm really loving that dragonfly necklace!

Janessa said...

Awesome outfit. Love the theme! It looks really good and the necklace is killer!

Trendology said...

I love the color of your skirt. And I'm totally in a pizza phase right now. A couple of weeks ago it was apples - I want to go back to that. :)