I don't wanna work

hey look, I found more pictures!
this is what I wore on saturday. I didn't do much; Brandon was gone most of the day and I went to the mall to pick up my new camera remote(!!). I also ended up buying a mac lipstick... I really have to start avoiding that store. it's strangely addictive.
anyways I wore heels to see if I could handle walking around in them for an hour or so. meh. not bad. I've got the hang of walking in them, but I'm still not good at the pain part.

dress- vintage, fr. Noble Town Vintage on Etsy
tights- Joe Fresh
belt- trifted, fr. Value Village
shoes- Seychelles
scarf- gift fr. my mom

the pictures aren't that great, but it was kind of windy, there were tons of people walking by and making me embarrassed, and I was going to catch the bus. so those are my lame excuses for poor photography skills.

I've worn this beautiful dress before, but outfit photos were skipped in lieu of a par-tayyy. I styled it in a very similar way- dark tights and cognac brown accessories. this time I added a scarf I got in the mail from my mom! it's such a beautiful colour, and matched perfectly with the aqua stripe in the dress. 

I'm trying to be more productive this week than the previous couple. that means writing a first draft of three magazine articles today and looking into some more job/internship opportunities. graduation is creeping ever closer and while I'm looking forward to being done school, I'm terrified to venture into the "real world." I have no idea how to get a real job, or even look for one! I don't know what I'm going to do. any of you have a magazine you could let me work for?? please?

why couldn't I just be a music writing prodigy and get picked up by Rolling Stone on a whim? WHY DID ALMOST FAMOUS GIVE ME THESE FALSE HOPES.

anyway. I can't worry about after graduation right now. I'll just worry about getting there. off to do some work!

playing: CSI: New York


Jen Hsieh said...

ahh this dress is really beautiful, i love the colors! the color of the tights goes perfectly with those shoes as well :)
i can't seem to get used to walking in heels either haha.

Looks and Books said...

Love those shoes. I seriously need to get some, preferably without the heel though.

And I'm with you on Almost Famous giving false hopes...I'm still sort of hoping for my big break...which really can't happen if I'm not writing. It'll happen--you just gotta work for it. :)


Jilliebeanie said...

This dress is really great. Love all the pretty colors. Keep up the persistence with your job hunting, something great is bound to come along! Good Luck!

tess said...

oh no, almost famous syndrome, I experience it too...how was Cameron Crowe so lucky?

your dress is amazing! love the colors!

Kristin said...

Yay for a camera remote!!! Are you loving it? I adore mine. :)

I am planning to finally feature the pic of you in you in the dress from my shop from christmas time! I was saving up a few pics of others, so look for it in thursday or friday! :)

Elizabeth said...

new follower : ) and I love your shoes!!!!