good golly, miss molly

don't know why I picked that title. struck my fancy. has nothing to do with the long-ish post to follow. :o)

dress- Monteau, fr. Pseudio
cardigan- H&M
leggings- Seduction, fr. Sirens
boots- Spring
necklace- Tiffany key pendant; S pendant, gift

this is probably the most casual sunday outfit I've had in a looong time! my line of thinking is, if I dress up all week for school or just lying around the house, I should at least have the same standards for church! obviously women don't have to wear dresses or skirts to church anymore, but I'd feel weird looking more casual than I do sitting around watching tv. 

but I had no idea what I wanted to wear yesterday morning, and it was bright and sunny, and I haven't worn this dress in foreverrrr. so I went with it. grabbed a cardigan and just went from there! pretty simple. I didn't even have time to dry my hair, haha. 

today's outfit choice was a little more deliberate.

dress- Topshop
tights- H&M
scarf- Modcloth

I was excited to wear this dress again. it makes me feel so girly and comfortable. last time I wore it with a cardigan and a belt, but this time I thought I'd let the dress stand on it's own. 

I chose grey tights because right now I like light colours with light colours and dark with dark... I don't know why but I'm not into mixing them. then I went with more neutrals, and I kinda really like how it turned out! subtle, but cute. I think, anyways.

on another note, I'm currently watching Oprah's Oscar special (yes, Oprah...sigh) and I'm so nervous for Christoph Waltz! I think he's so cool, but I find him very awkward and so every time he opens his mouth on tv I feel anxious. isn't that strange? I feel nervous for an Academy award winner. 

also, Oprah is such a blatant feminist. she annoys me sometimes.

I had a mini-Oscar party last night that was really fun! six of us got together for a couple drinks and some junk food and watched the show. I was really surprised at the red carpet pre-show, or lack thereof, if you ask me. there didn't seem to be much interest in what people were wearing. I didn't even see many dresses! sad. and nothing seemed out-of-this-world stunning, either. 

my favourite was Anna Kendrick's pale, romantic gown. I thought she looked so soft and pretty, but sexy at the same time. hmm... maybe this was subconsciously my colour inspiration for today?

adored the top half of Sandra Bullock's vintage beaded dress. the bottom was just okay. but the top definitely made up for it. 

I also thought Vera Farmiga looked pretty awesome. kinda weird, but I personally think it's interesting and beautiful. at least she went all glam for the Oscars- definitely more what I was looking for. 

that's really all I have to say clothing wise. the awards started off strong- why hello, Neil Patrick Harris!- and I fully enjoy Steve Martin and that other guy. but...where did they go? I feel like hosting was the easiest job ever, cause they were only on stage three times. disappointing, to say the least. a person could always use a little more Steve Martin. 

and I only got 11 awards right! this year was really difficult to call. there were so many equally fantastic performances (as lame as that sounds when I read it back in my head...) 

one thing; I really wanted Avatar to win best picture! I saw The Hurt Locker and it was amazing, but Avatar seemed so WOW, you know? like impressive and influential and huge. so I gave Hurt Locker best director and Avatar best picture. why oh why does the Academy never listen to me?

ok that's all for now. 
maybe I should go be productive for the first time in a week. yeah I'll try that. 
(also, I'm in love with this song. raunchy but catchy as hell. )

playing: Fifteen- Rilo Kiley


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love that scarf with the pink! Such pretty color mixing!

tess said...

wow that scarf is so wonderfully chunky, love it!

Anna Kendrick did look gorgeous, she is quite stylish on the red carpet, another one to watch out for

I agree, alec and steve should've popped on stage more

btw trading links is essentially putting me in your "what I read" sidebar. I need to come up with a new term b/c no one gets this link thing haha

Janessa said...

Love both your outfits! Esp the Sunday one.
And I am totally with you on the Avatar for best pic. :)

Sweet Sara said...

Both outfits are wonderful! I love your makeup in the first half! Gorgeous! And that lace dress with the grey tights, I love it!! Very appropriate for a winter/spring transition! :) Great post!

Blair said...

Stunning outfits!

I agree, Oprah is annoying...but addicting sometimes! :)


love your outfit ! especially cardi !

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Your Topshop dress is gorgeous! Love that soft color.

Miss Woody said...

so lovely !