don't need a bed of roses

I seem to be drawn to my floral dresses lately. must be all the springtime weather?
but I knew it wouldn't last; Halifax has a rainfall warning for tomorrow and snow forecast for thursday. maybe my pessimism made the sun go away. what's that called? when you believe you won't succeed, and because of that you don't? self-fulfilling prophecy or something.

dress- Topshop
tights- Hue, fr. Macy's
booties- Primark
belt- Smart Set
necklace (which you can't really see because this is when my camera stopped taking pictures)- trade with a friend

this was thursday's outfit. I remember cause I know I wore flat shoes to go walking around! and because it's the day I frantically took my camera to the shop. anyways, I love this dress. I have a feeling some people think it looks like old lady wall paper or something, but I love the colours and the fabulous shape. and it's so comfortable.

I really liked how well my tights matched my dress, so that was a no brainer. and I always seem to end up wearing these boots with it, I'm not sure why... maybe it's the muted, 90s living room colour scheme. haha yeah, it definitely reminds me of our living room when I was little! all dusty rose and grey-green and florals.

here's my other floral outfit from last week that I never got to post.

dress- fr. Envy
cardigan- Costa Blanca
belt- fr. mom
necklace- Bueno Style on Etsy
shoes- Aldo
leggings- stolen fr. a friend!

I wanted to show off my pink lipstick. and sorry for the crappy photos, I ran out of daylight.
more flowers! this dress is a great summer dress, cause the two-in-one look makes it put together, but minimalist. I was shopping with (and for) a friend when I saw it, the only one in the store, and I couldn't leave it. it looked so unique for something I bought in a mall!

but, since it's not summer yet, I paired it with a belted matching cardi and plain pumps. and my amazing letter necklace to jazz things up a little!

come to think of it, I wore flowers again today! maybe I'll lay off the floral prints after I slosh around in the rain all day tomorrow; I'll probably be more in the mood to wear grey.

anywho, off to bed.
night friends!

playing: Brandy Alexander- Feist


Madeline Veenstra said...

I love love the dress, it's really cute :)

Sarah said...

I adore this look. So beautiful.Florals are always so wonderful in srping. They remind me of the fresh flowers that will be blooming soon.

ilfashion said...

I'm not usually a fan of muted colors but I absolutely love the first look! Great outfit.

Kelly Lauren said...

your lipstick is fab and you have beautiful eyes! great eyeliner, too =)

I love the first outfit - you're making me want to buy a lighter color of tights!

Jilliebeanie said...

That necklace is precious! I must check out that Etsy shop!

E said...

adorable!! florals look so pretty on you!

Unknown said...

I love both floral dresses.. I'm pretty obsessed with florals at the moment.

ps. check out my blog at:

Janessa said...

You look really good in both though I think my favorite one is the second.
Your lipstick is very pretty, very nice colour for you. I can never find a colour I actually like for myself.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I loveee your dresses! That top one is perfect with your tights - what a lovely color!

Laura said...

Is that MAC's Lady Gaga lipstick?