backstreet's back, alright!

hello again!

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted last. to explain a little, my camera is out of commission so I've been a little at a loss for content. also, I've had somewhat of a life lately, so I haven't executed any of my brilliant ideas for posts in lieu of photography.

I had a very busy and very enjoyable weekend! made some new friends (one of whom happens to be a bunny), went to my first Halifax Rainmen basketball game, and was even treated to turkey dinner! I'm looking forward to spending more time with people while I have the chance (school's done next week).

I do have one last set of outfit photos before I result you my opinions on stuff. gasp!

dress- vintage fr. Calivintage
tights- Ardene
shoes- Jeffey Campbell fr. Modcloth
belt- Smart Set

I got my package from Calivintage last week, and I was so excited! I couldn't wait to wear the two dresses I got, and this one just said "sunny day dress" to me. I love the wrap style. I chose black accessories to keep it simple, and my funky red heels to make it a little more modern. I felt good all day!

the other dress I wore on sunday, but it needed to be altered just a little; one small section, only about three inches, of the skirt was the teensiest bit too tight (on my giant thighs). because the fabric is kind of thin faux silk the center seam started to pull, which made me really nervous. I was worried about ripping it all the way home! 

so I finally cracked and took five of my dresses to the tailor. a couple just had tears at the seams that my crappy sewing skills couldn't be trusted to fix, but I had others taken in and hemmed. I can't wait to get them- and my camera- back to show you some of the changes.

well, I have to go to bed now! early rise tomorrow. and I've started trying to work out before class/whatever, to get it over with. which means...even earlier than early. I'm so excited for school to be done so I can be freeeeee. free for just a little while, that's all I need!

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E said...

such a lovely vintage dress! you look gorgeous!

Kristin said...

The print on the dress is soo cute!

I FINALLY just posted the photo of you in your dress form my shop at Christmas! I was waiting to get a few more!
I am taking an armful of dresses to my tailor this weekend. One (gasp) is an early 50s dress that I am hemming short! I rarely will alter vintage, but it will be way cute after. Can't wait to see how your dresses turn out!

kate maggie said...

You look so pretty in this dress - cute shoes! x

Unknown said...

this outfit is so pretty and sweet! and love the curls. xo

Unknown said...

love that dress and your shoes look fabulous xooxx

Unknown said...

hehe were you channeling the backstreet boys in your title? it made me chuckle a little.
anyway, that dress is so pretty! i am never lucky enough while i'm vintage shopping to find something like that. they are always to small for me! =p haha

Selma Janina said...

hi dear! I love your Outfit and I love your blog! I got something for you! Check it out at my blog!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

LOVE the dress! You look darling! The pattern is perfect for spring!

Unknown said...

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