backstreet's back, alright!

hello again!

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted last. to explain a little, my camera is out of commission so I've been a little at a loss for content. also, I've had somewhat of a life lately, so I haven't executed any of my brilliant ideas for posts in lieu of photography.

I had a very busy and very enjoyable weekend! made some new friends (one of whom happens to be a bunny), went to my first Halifax Rainmen basketball game, and was even treated to turkey dinner! I'm looking forward to spending more time with people while I have the chance (school's done next week).

I do have one last set of outfit photos before I result you my opinions on stuff. gasp!

dress- vintage fr. Calivintage
tights- Ardene
shoes- Jeffey Campbell fr. Modcloth
belt- Smart Set

I got my package from Calivintage last week, and I was so excited! I couldn't wait to wear the two dresses I got, and this one just said "sunny day dress" to me. I love the wrap style. I chose black accessories to keep it simple, and my funky red heels to make it a little more modern. I felt good all day!

the other dress I wore on sunday, but it needed to be altered just a little; one small section, only about three inches, of the skirt was the teensiest bit too tight (on my giant thighs). because the fabric is kind of thin faux silk the center seam started to pull, which made me really nervous. I was worried about ripping it all the way home! 

so I finally cracked and took five of my dresses to the tailor. a couple just had tears at the seams that my crappy sewing skills couldn't be trusted to fix, but I had others taken in and hemmed. I can't wait to get them- and my camera- back to show you some of the changes.

well, I have to go to bed now! early rise tomorrow. and I've started trying to work out before class/whatever, to get it over with. which means...even earlier than early. I'm so excited for school to be done so I can be freeeeee. free for just a little while, that's all I need!

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my life would suck without you

yesterday was just an ordinary day in most aspects. I ran a few errands, read a book, procrastinated, watched What Not to Wear. but there was one thing special about it; Brandon and I have been together for three years!

depending on who you talk to, three years is ages, or not that long. for me it's just further confirmation that we'll be together forever.

we're not a mushy couple, so I don't talk about him like that on this blog. but I think he deserves a little love for putting up with me this long, don't you?

I don't know how to describe our relationship other than totally comfortable best friends. half the time we do absolutely nothing, but we're together, so we're totally fine with that. and I honestly don't think I would have made it through this year without him.

on him:
shirt- H&M
pants- H&M
tie- Topman
shoes- Converse Chuck Taylor

on her:
dress- fr. Buffalo Exchange
tights- Look From London, fr. Modcloth
shoes- H&M
earrings- fr. mom and dad

we went to dinner at The Wooden Monkey because I heard they had awesome vegetarian food (one of the things I miss about St. John's is my favourite vegetarian restaurant). they have some meat on the menu too, and it was all awesome! 

we had lentil burgers and rib sandwiches and red wine and roasted potatoes and beer and a great time. I love having loooong dinners when you just sit there and talk and enjoy the restaurant together. AND I had the most amazing chocolate tofu pie for dessert!

then we just came home and watched American Idol. a perfect chill evening. love this boy. :o)
(enough to quote Kelly Clarkson in the title!)

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don't need a bed of roses

I seem to be drawn to my floral dresses lately. must be all the springtime weather?
but I knew it wouldn't last; Halifax has a rainfall warning for tomorrow and snow forecast for thursday. maybe my pessimism made the sun go away. what's that called? when you believe you won't succeed, and because of that you don't? self-fulfilling prophecy or something.

dress- Topshop
tights- Hue, fr. Macy's
booties- Primark
belt- Smart Set
necklace (which you can't really see because this is when my camera stopped taking pictures)- trade with a friend

this was thursday's outfit. I remember cause I know I wore flat shoes to go walking around! and because it's the day I frantically took my camera to the shop. anyways, I love this dress. I have a feeling some people think it looks like old lady wall paper or something, but I love the colours and the fabulous shape. and it's so comfortable.

I really liked how well my tights matched my dress, so that was a no brainer. and I always seem to end up wearing these boots with it, I'm not sure why... maybe it's the muted, 90s living room colour scheme. haha yeah, it definitely reminds me of our living room when I was little! all dusty rose and grey-green and florals.

here's my other floral outfit from last week that I never got to post.

dress- fr. Envy
cardigan- Costa Blanca
belt- fr. mom
necklace- Bueno Style on Etsy
shoes- Aldo
leggings- stolen fr. a friend!

I wanted to show off my pink lipstick. and sorry for the crappy photos, I ran out of daylight.
more flowers! this dress is a great summer dress, cause the two-in-one look makes it put together, but minimalist. I was shopping with (and for) a friend when I saw it, the only one in the store, and I couldn't leave it. it looked so unique for something I bought in a mall!

but, since it's not summer yet, I paired it with a belted matching cardi and plain pumps. and my amazing letter necklace to jazz things up a little!

come to think of it, I wore flowers again today! maybe I'll lay off the floral prints after I slosh around in the rain all day tomorrow; I'll probably be more in the mood to wear grey.

anywho, off to bed.
night friends!

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take the chip off of my shoulder

hello there and happy weekend, blogger friends!

things have improved here slightly since thursday. I found out my camera can be fixed under warranty, I didn't have school yesterday, and the weather has been so darn nice here lately that it's hard to have a bad day.

it's like spring has actually arrived. it's freaking me out. I'm from Newfoundland. I'm still expecting snowstorm season to begin at the end of March.

but people here have been walking around in shorts and t-shirts under clear blue skies for over a week now. maybe it's global warming.

I haven't quite made it to shorts yet (considering I hate them) but this is one of my sunshine-enjoying ensembles from this week.

top- Forever 21
jeans- Delia's
shoes- random shoe store in England
earrings- flea market

I was wondering to myself why this outfit came together so well when I realized- I was being subconsciously inspired by Krystal from This Time Tomorrow! I loved this outfit of hers from the moment I saw it (and I already had the shirt), it looked so casual and cool but fashionable. 

I love everything she wears. she always looks so incredibly sophisticated and gorgeous, like an effortlessly cool off-duty model or something. and she has the greatest collection of blazers!

anyways, so that's who/what I was emulating without realizing it. one of my friends at school remarked "jeans and flats? that's new for you." but I had a doctor's appointment and I always feel awkward wearing dresses and heels to the doctor. people kind of look at you like "you're crazy to dress up for this." so I went casual.

and I think I should note that these are my favourite flats ever! I've had them for about three years no and I just can't get rid of them. they're so comfy and I think they're the perfect shade of pink. they are also embedded with dirt from so much wear, but I don't care.

so, on kind of a different subject, I was thinking about my post a while ago about The Devil Wears Prada. there's another stylish journalist movie that's my guilty pleasure - Confessions of a Shopaholic. it's such a shamefully girly movie, but I don't even care. I feel her pain. and the clothes (for the most part) are awesome!

I watched the movie yesterday morning (yay for no school!) and noticed that even though both it and The Devil Wears Prada are based around fashion, the girls dress very differently. Isla Fisher's character wears much more colourful and quirky outfits than Anne's, but still looks professional. I like that she has such vibrant, youthful clothing but still looks stylish and age-appropriate, which in my head seems like a tough balance to achieve.

as a huge fan of colour, I thought I'd show a couple cute outfits of "Rebecca's" (minus two of my faves that I couldn't find pictures of- the green sweater dress outfit from her first magazine meeting, and the kind of sad scene outfit with an oversized men's shirt, belted, and a plaid coat).

this is definitely my favourite outfit in the film. I love the rich colours and the amazing cape! and I'm not one for monochrome, but the blue-on-blue looks so regal with the purple belt.

not a huge fan of the fuzzy thing, but I love the skirt, hat, and gloves, and the colour combination is so fun.

aww, she looks so sad.. but her outfit's so cute! love the fun top, and another stylin' skirt.

I love when she wears this dress with the tights and coat, but I just had to show the whole thing! it's perfect. I love the crazy ruffles and the short hem and of course, the purple!

after my evaluation of Rebecca's spunky style, I've picked some wardrobe essentials for shopaholic journalists. :o)

- SKIRTS! fitted skirts. I really want the blue one she wears.
- cardigans; got a good start there!
- vibrant, jewel-tone colours
- waist-synching belts
- bright tops with girly details
- pretty gloves

this movie made me long to go skirt shopping, but to restrain myself I did some online browsing for things that are mostly unavailable to me for one reason or another. I find this blog really helps with keeping that shopping bug in check, cause after a week or so I don't want most of the stuff so bad. :o)

but, if I could shop and if I did have some money to spend, I'd get things like these.

all above fr. Modcloth

above fr. Ruche

above fr. Topshop

so there's your picture overload for the weekend! I'm going to go outside now, cause it's too sunny not to. the only thing that would make this day better is $100 and a little shopping adventure, haha. maybe Ill get ice cream.


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it's the little things...

oh thursday, you're never as good as friday. thank goodness for The Office.

belt- H&M
skirt- Gap
tights- H&M
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

I felt like this outfit was particularly girly. all flouncy and soft colours... not one of my favourite outfits of late, but there's not really anything wrong with it. I'm just more in the mood for chic and sophisticated looks lately. 

I did enjoy the opportunity to wear my unicorn shoes! love them. and apparently so does my magazine prof. she told me so in front of the class... which was nice of her, but a little embarrassing. people in my program aren't all that fashion forward so they think I'm crazy for wearing heels to school. thus I don't particularly enjoy the extra attention.

anyways. today was not a good day. it started off nice- our magazine meeting wasn't till 11, so I got to sleep in. but even that turned out not so good because I got too much sleep and was groggy all day. then I had to pay $60 for a new prescription, which is necessary but not nice on my wallet. and I was making a doctor's appointment and they finally got back to me to say it was on JUNE 10. yes, like three months from now. then- now get this- my camera broke. I was taking outfit pictures (not those above, they're from monday) and it just wouldn't take photos of anything closer than ten feet. so I frantically took it to the camera shop, and they said it must have gotten jostled or something, cause there's no external damage but one of the focus gears seems to be loose.
how much is that going to cost???
I need a job. 
or a significant reduction in self-respect complemented by an increase in chest size... not sure which is more likely at this point.
Brandon even got us pizza to cheer me up, but they forgot the extra sauce! can nothing go right in the world?!

sigh. well, I have to go get my late-night laundry and continue being dramatic. 
at least tomorrow's friday! 

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I'd be alright if it was just till St. Patrick's day

happy st. paddy's day!

I actually kind of forgot about the holiday (which would have been impossible if I were in Newfoundland, I expect). but I'm still behind with my outfit photos, so for all you know, I wore green today!

dress- vintage, fr. Shopcuffs
shoes- Seychelles

not a whole lot of accessorizing goin' on, but this dress is busy enough to stand on its own! its a pretty crazy print. the dress is actually a bit snug in the tummy area, but it's so unique that I can't give it up. and as long as I can breathe without busting it open, I'm gonna wear it. :o)

I've been pretty busy the past couple days working on my magazine stuff. a couple articles got pulled, but I finished three and they were fun. I'm getting some good ideas for my blog actually. so stay tuned, and I promise things will get more interesting than they've been lately!

...hopefully they'll get more interesting for me, too. not that I have anything to complain about, but the highlights of my life recently have been browsing a vintage shop (and not being able to buy anything cause it's still lent) and deciding to let myself order pizza. 
actually, those things don't sound half bad, do they?

well, that's it from me, folks. go drink some green beer. or have a lime soda. or ignore St. Patrick's day and just have a lovely evening anyway.


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