you're hot then you're cold

originally I had a lot to say today, but my computer went all wanky and decided not to upload my photos as first. so you're getting a condensed version of a post. 

I just have a couple of things I wanted to share with you today. 

- I have recently become addicted to Canada Dry ginger ale. it all started in nyc... some combination of queasiness and misplaced patriotism.

- just so you know, all my post titles are song lyrics. so sometimes when they don't make sense, it's just because nothing musically relevant came to mind!

- I haven't played wii fit in over a month. and I'm kind of afraid to start it again because it will make me feel guilty and chubby. 

- I think I've decided that after graduation I'm gonna forfeit the whole journalism thing and train dolphins on a Caribbean island. yes, people can actually do that.

- I've been having daydreams of breezy summer afternoons on a sandy beach. I haven't had time off since I finished high school (no longer than two weeks). I'm taking a month to do absolutely nothing when I graduate. 

- my quick-fix headphone solution of duct taping them back together didn't really work. they won't stay on my head. 

- outfit!

dress- vero moda
tights- ardene
top- dynamite 
shoes- forever 21
hat- gift
sunglasses- Paris street vendor

this dress has two stories; first is that I kind of forgot about it and then was considering putting it in the "sell or donate" pile next to my bed. second is that I've never worn it as a dress before! I always thought it was too short and wore it with jeans. whadya know, it's probably longer than a few of the dresses hanging in my wardrobe. 

I'm glad I'm keeping it for now- I think it's very cutesy-meets-twenties. it has these cute rosette details at the neckline, but...well, I guess I have to start taking detail shots. that would be more helpful than telling you it's there. 
I chose a short sleeve, high neck top to wear under it because school tends to be warm but home tends to be cold. and I really loved the idea of wearing this girly dress with super heels, and I couldn't stop picturing this combination. overall I'm happy with the outcome. oh, and the hat was just because my hair was not cooperating. :o) it just me, or are my outfit explanations getting longer? 

anyways. I'm watching Father of The Bride Part II (wow I can't believe I said that on the internet) and I'm in awe that Steve Martin looks exactly the same as he does in It's Complicated. fifteen years different. I'm not sure if that means he's aged well or that he just did it early.

know who ages well?
freaking George Clooney. 
that man gets better looking every year. with every grey hair in his ruggedly handsome beard.

off topic a little I suppose. 

also off topic- it has been freezing in my apartment for over a week and today, suddenly, it is like a sauna. this may be too much information, but I'm sitting here in my underwear and melting because wearing any more layers would be unbearable. 
ahh, my apartment. 

okay, done. 
back to my CMT movie. ;o)



Sara said...

lol your randomness is great. I love the dress, glad that you kept it!

Kyla said...

I love how you styled this dress! It's so beatnik with the beret!

Kristin said...

I love this dress!

I haven't exercised in quite a while, and I am feeling quite blah myself!!

Jen Hsieh said...

duuuude i love canada dry ginger ale! :) this is such an adorable dress and i'm glad you kept it AND wore it as a dress. you look so lovely.

i hope your apartment cools down a bit (but not to the freezing point again).