you were always singing along

day two of pants week.

other than wearing pants, nothing very interesting happened today. I slept in wayyy too late, even for a holiday, watched some tv, read a few blogs, read my book,uploaded photos to facebook, and...honestly that's about it! Brandon asked what I did all day when he got home, and I could actually reply "nothing."

tomorrow I am going to be more productive. I've decided there are a few things I am going to try my hardest to do a little every day; read, exercise, blog (of course), play guitar, and keep the apartment tidy. that's a lot of stuff when you consider how much time I'm in school, usually. but I think the decision goes nicely with the fact that lent's started, so maybe these will be my belated lent objectives.

I also gave up shopping for lent, which is why I didn't do any when Becky was here. that and no money. but still, it's a good thing to try.

and no, I'm not Catholic, but I do think lent is a good practice.

aaaand pants...

(I don't really like this picture, but I want to show my earrings!)

turtle neck sweater- Fairweather
pants- H&M
earrings- gift fr. my mom
boots- Spring

I think I like this's kind of Sarah-last-year, but hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing, right? I find when I wear pants I tend to try and overcompensate by being girlier somewhere else- like wearing heels or fancy hair or more make up. I tried not to do that this time. 

but about the hair...does anyone else have that annoying hairline around the head? right where my bang is. how do I get rid of that? I mean, is it a cut thing, or am I styling wrong? I dunno. I don't want the line!
Kyla and Mel, you guys don't have it! what's the deal?

anyways. I wrote this last night, but again, it wouldn't post. well, the photos wouldn't upload. I literally sat and waited for 20 minutes for one photo to show up, and no such luck. so I gave up. officially, this post is for wednesday.

I really need to update my computer so this stops happening...

also, I haven't said much about the Olympics, but I am actually a winter Olympic freak. I've been watching everything I possibly can, and I'm so pumped that Canada got four medals yesterday! sick. thank you, bobsleigh.

I love having the week off so I can watch Olympic Morning with Jay Onrait and eat doritos.

I know a lot of people have been saying this is "the worst Olypics ever" and I personally think it was a big risk to have them in Vancouver (hello, even I know it rains like everyday!). but... shut up! Canada is awesome.

I think they should have put a bid in for Corner Brook (Newfoundland). eight feet of natural snow, baby.

ok. done.
time to stop with the doritos and get dressed already!

playing: Eet - Regina Spektor

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Anonymous said...

i love those boots! and it's really coincidental that i happen to be listening to the exact same song :)