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so I skipped another day...but that will be stopping soon enough, cause I have a whole week with no school and no radio and no travelling. so I'll be home doing nothing for an extended period. hopefully I can pull out some decent outfits, cause lately I haven't been feeling on the ball.

but, here are some outfits anyway. I hope you like 'em.

top- H&M
tights- Ardene
boots- gift, fr. Spring

we got a TON of snow yesterday, so I opted for more indoor photos. the weather also kind of dictated my outfit a little, especially the shoes- trudging through a foot of snow calls for flats. but snow also means it's actually not as cold, so I didn't want to layer on sweaters and scarves or anything. 

this skirt is one of the two things I bought in Toronto. it's a little too big, but it was on sale and I'm thinking it will shrink. I mostly liked the colours, and I was looking for some patterned skirts to go with the recent influx of solid tops in my wardrobe.

even though pretty much everything was shut down yesterday because of the snow, radio keeps going, so I had to produce a show. it was really difficult because no one was available for interviews or anything, but it was cool. sometimes it's kind of nice to be trapped inside with a purpose and a select group of friends while the world outside is shut down. 

and this is what we were left with this morning...

(sorry for the weird face, a bird noisily flew past just as the picture was taken!)

cardigan- Kensie Girl, fr. Idee Geniale
tights- H&M
shoes- Seychelles

I love the back of this dress, so I thought I'd risk people thinking I was crazy and take off the cardigan...it actually wasn't cold at all. anyways, I really like the deep red of the dress. I got this cardigan from Mel at her blog shop, and I was excited to wear it! the bunnies are irresistible. I actually saw it online a couple times and really wanted it, but it was too expensive. I'm so happy I finally got one!

also, excuse the wrinkly dress..I think it's a tad too big after wearing it a couple times, so I'm gonna stick it in the dryer and it should fit a little better. I like the idea of simple, body skimming dresses, but maybe my body's just not cut out for them. I felt quite lumpy a couple times.

but, lumpiness aside, I have some cool news!
I'm doing a giveaway. :o)

I have 40 followers now (well, 41, but I decided to do it at 40!) so I thought that might be enough for a little present for one of you. even if you're not a follower, but are just checking out my blog. I think it'll be a fun way to see who's reading.  

I'll probably update with what I'm giving away tomorrow. I have a couple things, but I want to make sure it's cool! 

so definitely check back tomorrow, leave a comment, and you could winnnn.
...leave a comment on that post, of course. but this one too, if you want!

in other news, my sister is visiting tomorrow! and it's my last radio show! and it's winter break! tomorrow's gonna be a goooood day. I'm excited. 

playing: OLYMPICS!


Anonymous said...

you are super brave not only wearing dresses in this weather but bare arms, even if its just for a moment. I am a super baby, I have been posting nothing but pants and sweater for weeks!

Kierryn Harris said...

I love the dress. The colour is incredible. However, I would not have ventured out in anything that resembled snow in it. So kudos to you. You look great :)

AlixDarling said...

grr i wrote you out a whole comment then forgot to post it. I am a mess. haha.
what I said was dont worry yourself about trying to make posts every day, it may start to take the fun out of it for you. : )
or maybe thats just me and I can't handle it cause im a lazy butt. I have offically decided to do outfit posts only on the weekends. So if you do keep up the daily posts, i will live thru you

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt in first pics, and the red dress is also pretty with the bunny cardigan, great shoes too...nice blog!


Name said...

love the print on your skirt and cardigan!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Adorable skirt! That Aztec-ish pattern is too cool.

Kristin said...

I am totally loving the aztec print of that skirt...it reminds me of pendleton for opening ceremony! It looks fabulous on you! :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oooh, I tried that bunny cardigan on at Macy's and thought it was so cute! Then I saw it again on Idee Geniale and now I see it on you.. haha! I absolutely love it!

Second Skin said...

That skirt in the top outfit gives me chills it is so amazing! Wow!