surprise surprise

hello hello!

so you may have noticed a lack of outfit photos for yesterday...that's because I didn't get dressed. :oS
the weather here was SO crazy yesterday that I refused to go outside for any purpose whatsoever. I didn't even check the mail.
a power line blew down, for goodness sakes!
so I spent the day exercising (sore today!) and reading and cooking and enjoying doing nothing.

today it's much more normal outside (although terribly ugly with the dirty leftover snow, wet dead leaves, and broken glass all around our apartment building). so I did get dressed. :o)

shirt- vintage, fr. Bloom Street Vintage on Etsy
jeans- Seduction, fr. Sirens
scarf- Modcloth
booties- Primark
earrings- RW & co

I feel like my milkmaid braids were an appropriate choice today, since this outfit makes me feel like a european country gal! the last time I did the braids I wore this scarf, but I couldn't resist using it again. it went so well with the pretty colour of my shirt... which I love! I love the sleeves, and the colour, and the little bow ascot. simple, but classy. 

I added some big, but not overly fancy, earrings because I felt I needed a little something extra around my face. (speaking of which, still LOVING the white eyeliner.)

I was going to head downtown for a little walk and a trip to the bank...but I remembered it's saturday so the bank is closed. no excuse to go, now. 

I was going to deposit a HUGE surprise. I got a $1200 cheque in the mail at school on wednesday!! apparently it was a grant that was supposed to come with my loan, but was late. I went to the office thinking it would be like, $150... and it was way more. I was stunned
as soon as lent is over I'm heading to American Apparel. ;o) 

kidding, kidding... I was actually thinking about buying a remote for my camera, or even a new lens. but mostly I'm going to save it, since I still haven't got a part time job. 

it's a big relief though! money I literally didn't know I had. 

oh, and don't forget to enter my first giveaway here! I'm so excited by all the comments already. you have till tuesday, and it's open to international, so DO IT!

also, I know I've been ignoring the shop my closet feature, but only because my sister ended up taking some stuff home with her. I'm going to upload some new stuff so please let me know if you like anything!

okay, that's all. happy weekend!

playing: Say Yes to the Dress- TLC


Kristin said...

Everything is SO pretty about this look! I love the combination of your hair, makeup, and scarf!

Sarah said...

This outfit is adorable!

Miss Woody said...

so lovely !

Anonymous said...

i especially love your scarf! and the colour of your shirt.

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