she's only nice on the outside

long time no see, bloggerland.

sorry about skipping a couple days, but I decided to take a short hiatus. mostly because on friday I left in the morning and didn't get back to the apartment till midnight and saturday I just wanted to stay away from my computer as much as possible.

so here we are!
I do have some photos for yesterday though; I went super casual, which I feel kind of weird about, but hey, it's gotta happen sometime.

t-shirt- fr. Tegan & Sara concert
pants- delias
cardigan- manteau, fr. pseudio
shoes- vintage fr. LA vintage

as you can tell, our shoes are slowly taking over our only hallway...there's no room for anything here. sigh. oh to be someone with shelves and closets and hot water. 
oh well. I wasn't too keen on this outfit. I mean, I like the pieces individually, I just don't think put together it's very "me." I added the heels to dress it up a little bit, but it felt kind of like I was going out in sweat pants and heels...weird. but I really wanted to show off my Tegan and Sara digs asap. so that's that. 

also, yesterday I got a package in the mail that had lovely things from Second Skin inside! 
this is one of them.

dress- vintage fr. Marie Retro Revival on etsy
tights- hue 
boots- spring, gift
scarf- h&m

I love the dress! I even got a few compliments on it, which was nice encouragement...especially since I wasn't sure it fit all that well. it's a little tight around the hips, but we'll see how the next wear goes. it's just so pretty!
it's a pity you can't really see my scarf in these photos, cause it is darn cute.

anywho, I'm going to cut this short because I have no story idea for tomorrow. I'd better go work on that.  
...or go to bed and hope for inspiration in the morning. one or the other. 

wish me luck!

playing: Nice on the Outside- Christ Kirby


Kyla said...

Wow! I love that dress! It couldn't fit you any better. And it's gorgeous paired with the teal.

Name said...

the dress looks fantastic. the shape is really nice. and i love the color of your pants too

Second Skin said...

AHHHH! So cute! I think it looks adorable!! Great paired with the teal and those boots!!