right as rain

ahh, sunday. a day of rest. also very unproductive for me, but enjoyable nonetheless!
..that kind if rhymed, didn't it?

today Brandon wanted to go to the Folklore centre to check out the guitars under the guise of buying strings. unfortunately it was closed, so we went to Starbucks instead.
and you know what? they were out of glass mugs! meaning we had to have paper cups in the store. I felt like such a hypocrite. need to start remembering my travel mug.
anywho, I then got a little burrito craving, so we walked to Burrito Jax and well..just typing about it makes me want another one. this is no ordinary burrito place, people. I don't even like them usually.
I love food. 

know what else I love? Brandon! (yes I know I said what and not who). I was thinking about doing a post on him and how cute he is sometime because...well, he's pretty darn cute. but we're not really the publicly sentimental types. at all. 

BUT he is a big part of my life so I should properly introduce him at some point!
also he has recently started reading this again so I'm sure he would like a shout out. 

for now, though, it's just me. :o)

dress- vintage (local shop)
cardigan- monteau, fr. Pseudio
belt- H&M
shoes- Aldo

ermmm. messy hair day due to sleeping in. but s'okay! I was excited to wear this dress again, and immediately paired it with the light blue tights to match the blue flowers in the print. the rest I just built from there...blue cardigan, grey shoes, then a grey belt to tie it all together. pretty straight forward. 

know what I've decided? that if I had to choose one person's closet to raid, Stacy London's would be at the top of the list somewhere. I mean, I think her fab outfits get overlooked sometimes because she's always making someone over, but I like everything she wears. she has the cutest dresses. 

...there's a What Not to Wear marathon on TLC and I'm not gonna lie, I've watched four already. 
I think I'm done now though. 

I'm gonna quit and play some guitar or read or something slightly more interactive. 

OH! I also set up a separate blog for my little "shop my closet" feature. and I took a whole bunch of photos of the stuff earlier, and tomorrow I'll start posting. since I don't have that many followers yet I was hoping to start some sort of separate store, like an etsy or ebay type thing. but of course etsy is for vintage, not really second hand, and ebay apparently charges for each item you put up to sell. I don't think I'd make much money that way. soooo I'll just hope a few curious bloggers stumble across it and we'll see how it goes. 

okay, NOW I'm going to do something else. 

hope you had a lovely weekend!

playing: Right as Rain- Adele 


Jen Hsieh said...

you look so lovely in this vintage dress of yours and i'm so in love with your little heels. they're so adorable and i wish i had a similar pair :)
i can't wait to see all the items you post up in your shop blog.

Jess said...

Oh this is gorgeous - I love all the pastel :) especially your tights!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aw such a cute romantic look! Love your belt!

Jilliebeanie said...

This dress is sweet. You look darling in it.