not much for a conversation

*insert appropriate greeting here*

dress- modcloth
tee- smart set
cardigan- costa blanca
belt- modcloth
tights- h&m
necklace- fr. much love on etsy
boots- forever 21

one of my modcloth "cabin fever sale" purchases! first I thought it was a little too similar to this dress, but it's just so pretty...and only $15. 
I had a little trouble figuring out how to style it; I wanted to avoid looking to fancy or being too cold. 
first I wanted to go with purple tights, but then I tried on a purple printed cardigan and thought it was too much of one colour. so I put on my reliable grey tights....then I decided the cardigan was too sporty/70s inspired for a floral I slipped on this one. then I seriously considered going back to the purple tights, but thought maybe that would be too intense with the matching colours. 
SO we ended up with this. which I really like. I added the belt for that little extra punch of purple that I was looking for, and to calm down all the ruffles in the outfit. and the booties gave it the perfect balance of girly but casual. 

and that's today's outfit!

oh, how cute is this snowflake necklace from much love? I saw it featured in one of Keiko Lynn's giveaways a long time ago, and I couldn't get its cuteness out of my head. so I finally gave in. the shops on hiatus right now, but definitely check it out sometime when it's back.

so it's basically thursday right now, and my week's been going pretty well. I think that's worth mentioning. 
I want winter break to come as quickly as possible. :o)


playing: Baba O'Riley- the Who 


Kyla said...

I LOVE this outfit and that dress kicks some serious ass!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dress and cardigan. So sweet for winter. :)

Crystal Card said...

love the colour! Also, really big fan of the close up detail shot!!

Diane said...

this look is FAB!!!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

I love you outfit, that dress is so pretty!!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

I meant your...:D

Desired Youth said...

I love your dress especially with the cardigan. That shade of blue is gorgeous on you!

Jen Hsieh said...

i love this outfit of yours to death, you have no idea! i'm glad you ended up with this cardigan and those tights because you look so adorable. the ruffles are just perfect :)

Kristin said...

This dress is so, so adorable! I have been searching for a floral peplum dress!