no place for the weary kind

I'm back!

man, the end of the week is just so busy for me. I have to start taking outfit photos in the morning again.

friday was hectic, but so fun. I was the producer of the half hour radio show! and I actually really enjoyed it. I got to tell people what to do and organize the show and push some buttons on air. being the boss is more fun than I thought! who knows, maybe I am cut out for this radio business after all.

or maybe I just like to boss people around.
we'll figure it out later.

having really busy thursdays and fridays makes me that much happier to have weekends. today I slept through the morning and did absolutely nothing all day. it was bliss. then Brando and myself went to see Crazy Heart, which was soooo good. I really didn't get what the big deal was about Jeff Bridges...butttt now I do. he was pretty amazing. it was such a heart-wrenching movie. in the good way, though.

also, great tunes.

I feel like the hardest days to dress are the ones where you aren't going to be doing anything. I want to look nice, but I don't feel like a skirt or a dress is necessary. I mean, no one is gonna see me. but still, I find it so hard to feel fashionable in jeans.

anyways, this was today's challenge.

shirt- Garage, gift
cardigan- H&M
belt- from vintage dress
shoes- Spring
scarf- modcloth

I decided going all the way casual was the best approach (I actually tried on more outfits today than I normally would for an important dinner or interview or something). I wanted to wear this pink cardigan because I hadn't posted in it yet, and I think it's really sweet and comfy. this shirt was under it on the hanger and I just thought they looked good together. I added the belt for some much-needed waist definition and a feminine touch, and the shoes just matched too well. finally, I can always think of a few reasons to wear my cowl scarf (colour + cozy topped today). cowl scarves were the best idea ever. I want a billion more.

when I went to the grocery store and for the five seconds I was not in darkness at the movie, that was what I wore!

now I'm going to be wearing pyjamas because I'm tired and I have to get up early tomorrow. :o)
but for now we have returned to our regularly scheduled programming.
(meaning...regular posting commences tomorrow.)


playing: Defy Gravity- Wicked soundtrack


Kyla said...

This looks so cool. Love the colors and the scarf adds so much personality and style. I actually love dress for weekends - it's a chance to wear every single thing in my closet that is inappropriate for work. Apparently, I like being inappropriate :)

I realize that we really lucked out with the snow. Well, sort of. I personally would've been fine if it stopped at 4", but at least we didn't get 30" like some folks out there.

Jen Hsieh said...

i feel the same way on casual days when i have nothing planned. why waste an empty day on a nice outfit? haha i always end up sitting around in a nice dress :P i love your casual outfit though, you look so cozy in that cardigan and your scarf. the waist definition with the belt was a nice final touch.

congrats on being producer for the half hour radio show btw! :)

Sara said...

you look very pretty! I love plaid :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love this look with jeans! I have such a hard time with them too when they are all I used to wear!