a lack of colour

nothing like a quickie before bed. :o)
...quick post, of course! get your mind out of the gutter.

dress- (don't recall at the moment) fr. Envy
shirt- Topman
boots- Spring
belt- my mom found it and declared it wasn't hers

note: the last picture is my attempt at highlighting the fact that I finally got a haircut today. yayyy, I have bangs again! I'm really obsessive when it comes to my fringe...every time I come back from the salon I'm positive one side is longer than the other. it drives me nuts for days and I usually end up snipping it a little myself. I'm kind of nuts. 

I didn't plan on wearing this outfit today, but it was kind of on request. me and this guy at school (who happens to wear plaid every single day, and I happen to comment on it) discovered we had very similar shirts. I thought it would be funny to be "twins" one day, and he said that day was today. so I had to work the shirt into my outfit, haha. 

I really like the plaid with the black and white stripes, so I thought this dress was perfect. the rest was just accenting. 

also, since I've been thinking about my hair...I'm kind of considering dying it. I never have before (not all over, anyways) but I'm really in the mood to go red or black. and I really can't decide which I like better! it doesn't matter for now because I don't have the funds anyways, but it's fun to think about. and I have stylish beauties for each colour to take inspiration from, like....

anyways, maybe more on this tomorrow. also, you may have noticed I didn't have time to update the shop blog today, but check it out tomorrow!

peace. :o)

playing: Fifteen- Rilo Kiley


Sarah said...

Love those shoes and the details on the shirt!


Kyla said...

Your fringe looks great! And I love the combination of the plaid over this dress.

Fun fact: Krysten Ritter is my cousin :) Isn't she amazing?

Sweet Sara said...

Love love love plaid and black and white stripes together! Also your bangs look fab!!

I'm a strawberry blonde and would looove go to more red - I love red heads so much!! I think it's such a fun, feisty color! But there is something sexy and mysterious about a brunette...

*Hope you're doing well, darlin! Thank you so much for comment and advice on my little blog...it really, truly meant a lot to me today :) Thank you again, Sarah!

Desired Youth said...

Lovely dress! cute boots!

Unknown said...

As a girl trying to get rid of the black, I would recommend RED! It can take time/work to fix black once its done, without waiting to grow it out. I think red would suit you well, with the fair skin. I kinda want to go red myself, but since it would possibly be too much of a shock, I'm making subtle changes in that direction. I got foils a couple weeks ago. :)

Cute outfit, haircut, and I miss you.

brando said...

What about shaving it all off? We can do it together! Or I can dye my beard bright red when you dye your hair. Deals?