it's been a while


long time no see, blog. I guess I got a little distracted from my whole wear-some-great-outfits-and-have-a-great-blog-week with my sister being here and all. I've been spending all my time with her, relaxing, eating tons a food, and having a whole lotta fun. so it was worth it! besides, I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, so it's probably for the best.

it's not that I'm bored with my closet...goodness knows there's enough in there to keep me satisfied. I just..don't know what to wear! I pick out a dress, but I have no clue what I want to wear with it. or I want to wear jeans, but I don't like any of my tops that day. or I want to look one way, and the outfit I pick looks completely another.

I think I'm just trying to hard to wear a certain item rather than just picking an outfit. I end up throwing random things around that item and it never seems to work as a whole. I have to get back to wearing the whole outfit and not building it with rules starting with, say, a certain pair of shoes.

I've also realized I'm starting to resent pants. I mean, I strongly dislike wearing them. whenever I do, I feel like I'm forcing myself and I look boring and not stylish and not myself. even though forcing it is part of my problem lately, I feel like I really need to figure out how I like to wear pants (because I used to all the time, just last year!)
so I'm challenging myself, for the rest of the week, to only wear pants. I figure this way I'm bound to find a way of styling pants in a way that I like and still feel good.

day one was today, but the photos from that aren't on my computer yet...and I'm here cozy in bed...and my camera's wayyyy out there...

so instead, here are a couple outfits from the past few days. :o)

l/s top- Zara
belt- H&M
navy tights- Joe Fresh, fr. Dominion
boots- borrowed from Becky

the top is my other purchase from Toronto. I've been picturing it with a floral skirt, but I don't have one to match. so I improvised with a floral dress, added a little belt, and off for a day of shopping with the sis.

dress- gift
scarf- London street vendor
cardigan- Kersh, fr. Envy
belt- Chinese Laundry, fr. Envy
tights- Hue fr. Macy's
shoes- Pierre Dumas, fr. Modcloth

had to break out the dress Becky gave me for Christmas while she was here! also finally gave e the opportunity to wear these adorable shoes.

anyway. I haven't forgotten about the giveaway either. I just need to take photos of's just with Becky here I didn't think about it a whole lot. I promise, I'll be better the rest of the week!

now, please note; I wrote this entry last night (tuesday) in bed, but the internet's really bad in there. so it didn't actually post till this morning (wednesday). hope it's not too confusing. :o)

now I'll go get dressed for today's post!

playing: There's an Arc- Hey Rosetta!


Sarah said...

I love the dress with the striped shirt. Such a cute way to mix patterns. It looks great.

AlixDarling said...

i really love dresses, and obviously you do too. its ok to always wear dresses!!! but i sincerly love pants as well. i would die without my black jeans. i actually just bought another pair. i feel like they look a little more "styled" than plain ol jeans.
ps. tagged you in an award!!

Kyla said...

I LOVE both of the these so, so much! I can't even pick out what I like best about them - they're just perfect!