I'm not lost I'm just wandering

I thought I had a bunch of interesting or timely things to say. but instead I'll go with this;

I'm watching Mythbusters right now, and they made a sail boat out of duct tape.
...there's something that sounds so Newfie about that.

I've been so busy lately I've barely had time for blogging! terrible. I can only imagine how hectic life must be for those of you lucky ones going to New York Fashion Week... have I mentioned that I'm ridiculously jealous? a couple times, maybe?

I want to go so badddd. and to meet some of you. oh well, maybe next year.

for now I'll have to be satisfied with a little V-day trip to Toronto. Brando and I are going to see John Mayer! I saw him once before, but Brandon hasn't and he's one of his favourites (pronoun overloadddd). so we're going! I've never been to T-dot before... I think my excitement is being muffled by my NYFW envy. :o)

well, I've got a few photos for you today, so let's get to it!

(oops, little blurry!)

dress- Lush fr. Pseudio 
top- H&M
tights- H&M
shoes- Kensie girl fr. Modcloth

I got this dress a few weeks ago, and I was waiting for the perfect time and outfit to wear it. mostly I was waiting for these shoes to arrive! and let me tell you; they're hot, but boy were they an adventure. not in the good way, either. I thought I was going to die. I'm gonna have to practice my butt off in these. 

I really wanted to pair the dress with some purple, so this shirt was perfect. and the shoes...well, online they look very purple. plain as day. then, when I opened them in my living room, they looked totally BLUE. then, in my bedroom, in the mirror, PURPLE again! anyway, I decided they were going to be purple. 

so that was yesterday. loved the outfit, but not gonna lie, it kind of made me not want to wear heels to school anymore. I admit it was kind of a bad decision on a day when I had to do a lot of walking, but I was doing my best. then I hear these girls behind me say something like "look at those," "what is she doing?," "she's having a lot of trouble" *giggle giggle*. as if I wasn't embarrassed enough already, with the occasional stumbling and consequential slowness and such. I mean, give me some credit. I have to practice sometime. 

sometimes I feel like enjoying style is kind of a backwards thing for me, since I hate being noticed. I don't like when people are looking at me, especially when it's to casually note my flaws. 

anyways. not so much drama with today's outfit. I went with flats. :oS

dress- Bettie Page, fr. Modcloth
tights- Joe Fresh
belt- Chinese Laundry, fr. Envy
sheos- Forever 21
earrings- Claire's from forever ago!

I chose this dress cause I felt like it was time to break it out again! it's simple but gorgeous..and to be honest, I know some people at school liked it, and I didn't want to go through the whole workshop with them thinking I never wear the same thing twice. it was kind of a conscious effort to repeat noticably.

not sure if anyone actually noticed.

I thought the patterned flats and ponytail gave it a preppy vibe, which I like with a 40s style dress. but still sophisticated a little. yay, easy outfits!

aaand tomorrow will be my obligatory pants day. and I will try heels again. get back on the horse, Sarah...

come to think of it, I'm REALLY looking forward to this weekend away. 


playing: Hometown Glory- Adele


Sweet Sara said...

I love that dress and those heels!!! And thats the problem when ordering online, you really never really know how it'll turn out until you pull it out of the box and slip it on....ugh. I have a grey suede coat coming in the mail - and I have no idea what to expect! And good for you and your effort to wear heels to class!! Shame on the stupid girls for giggling...but I feel your pain. I have a pair of purple jeans and some girls were like, "Oh mah gawd, are those purple pants?!" ...We need to be somewhere fashionable like New York to not be considered "crazy..." Wish I could be at Fashion Week, too...

And the second outfit is lovely...and you look so beautiful/adorable (adortuiful? no...) in the second photo - you are rockin 'dem bangs! Lovely, lady.

Enjoy Toronto and the John Myer concert!! I think concerts like that can be so romantic :) Make sure you let us readers know how it goes!!

Jen Hsieh said...

awww your weekend plans sound so awesome! yay for getting to see john mayer!! i'm so jealous.
your shoes in the first outfit are BEYOND amazing, i would kill for a pair like those! and your second outfit is definitely one of my favorites of yours. it has the perfect vintage vibe and that shade of orange is just perfect on you. you styled that dress wonderfully :)

Kyla said...

Love the puff sleeves under that first dress - perfect choice. And those shoes are pretty amazing!

The second dress is gorgeous and I love your haur with it. So, so pretty!

Sara said...

love it a lot! Great outfits, and I like your pics. I hope you have fun at the concert.


Name said...

LOVE your dress!

Desired Youth said...

Suuuuper cute first outfit! Love the shoes, tights and the dress and top go so well together!