comin' home

I'm back!

I know you've all been longing to hear from me while you were off at NYFW having a terrible time. that sarcasm obvious? good.

I'm having fun reading all about your nyc adventures, but I had fun of my own too! Toronto was great. I mean, it's hard to get a real impression of a city when you're only really there one day (and that day happens to be a sunday). so it was different than I expected... but I had a great time. 

and I only bought TWO things! proud, mom?

John Mayer was incredible. way better than last time I saw him, and he was pretty awesome then too. he was funny and weird and conversational and did some sort of Valentine's day improv/rap thing. say what you want about his bad media coverage or his cheesy lyrics, the dude can play guitar somethin' sick.

other than that I pretty much just wandered around T-dot, hung around Brando's relatives, and went to the CN tower. oh, and we took Brandon's cousin to the zoo. fun!

so I didn't really take any outfit pictures, for two reasons; lack of time and lack of thought while packing. I really did it all in a rush and wasn't looking my best. but I have friday's outfit (pre-Olympics opening party and pre-trip) and today's, so it's like a weekend sandwich.

(I'm not making much sense today- forgive me, I have a lot on my mind and figure skating is on in the background.)

a big thank you to Mel for helping me out with these awesome Seychelles! I've been dying for a pair ever since I discovered them through the blogging world, but shipping to Canada is ridiculous. so Mel let me ship them to her instead, then she sent them to me. and I LOVE them. totally worth it. they are so comfortable and go with everything.

I am really loving this tank top that I bought in nyc, too. the chains are actually not a necklace, but part of the shirt. and I think it's such a great shape. 

I paired it with the dark green cardi because I like the deep colour with the casual/modern grey. the jeans are actually darker than the picture shows too...and I rolled them up to show off the new footwear. :o)

dress- vintage, fr. Modcloth
belt- H&M
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, fr. Modcloth

more of my favourite shoes! I immediately thought of them when I decided to wear this dress. I like how the silver in the shoes kind of echoes the sheen of the dress. plus, it makes a kind-of-dated piece more modern. 

for the belt I didn't want to go the basic black, so grey was next in line! and the tights were just a funky touch. I love how they totally affect the feel of the outfit. it's so colourful.

kay, so that's what I've been wearing. as for what I've been doing, hopefully I'll have some pictures of that tomorrow! perhaps. for now I should probably sleep to prepare for the inevitable long day ahead...although I'd much rather stay up all night and watch the Olympics. I have Olympic fevah. 

but... bed is good too.

also, happy belated Valentine's day. <3

playing: Moneymaker - Rilo Kiley


Name said...

lol i thought it was a necklace, but it looks really nice! i love the print too of your dress

Sweet Sara said...

Love Love Love new shoes!!! :) And both pairs are fabulous - one's you'll have forever! I just bought some of my own Jefferey Campbell's! So excited :) You look fabulous and I love the tights with that dress!

So glad you had a good weekend, love!

Jen Hsieh said...

i am so in love with that dark green cardigan, i've been wanting one for forever. and I LOVE YOUR SEYCHELLE OXFORDS!!!!! they're so gorgeous and i've been debating whether or not to get them for a few weeks now. the price is the only thing stopping me (and the lack of funds in my bank account).
loving your black heels as well; the chain detailing in the back is awesome. glad to hear you had a great weekend!

Mikhaila said...

I loooove those oxfords!! and the colors of the dress and tights look great together!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes in the first photo ^_^

OVERALL loving the outfits !