can the winter cold come twice?

happy groundhog day!

even though I don't need a rodent to tell me it will be winter in Atlantic Canada for much longer.

skirt- topshop
boots- spring
pashmina- primark
earrings- ??

another amazing vintage purchase from Second Skin! the shoulder pads and ruched sleeves combined with the intense sparkles remind me of a very toned-down Lady Gaga. 
I liked the gold sparkles with the rich blue of the skirt, so I paired them together. I opted for coloured tights over black because I wanted to keep it a little quirky and not too "glam" or intense or something. and the boots just went perfectly- the gold and silver studs matched the metallic threads in the top.

I love combining deep colours like these. I don't think I really have a favourite colour so much as favourite combinations- gold and burgundy, teal and cream, green and grey. lately I can't seem to get enough of my dark heather grey tights or anything gold. 

oh, and it was FREEZING out today, again. I'm lucky I managed to get a few sensible photos, I expected a look of pain to be on my face for all of them. I am seriously crazy to go outside coatless for pictures in the weather we've been having. 

the things we do for fashion. ;o)

I have a "shop my closet" feature coming soon, so stay tuned! 
I hope it works. I'm trying to add in some great finds with the many good-quality-but-only-average-uniqueness basics I've put aside. and if no one's interested, then I'll just head on down to the Sally Ann! no biggie. 

it'll be nice to clear a little closet space anyways. 

now... off to bed! it's a busy day tomorrow...then again, when is it not. catch you lovelies later. 

playing: Cadence- Anberlin


Unknown said...
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Name said...

really love the color of your tights

Sara said...

I really like this outfit, the colors are great :)

Second Skin said...

It looks fantastic on you! I am so glad you got it! This makes me so happy!!