all I have to give

uggh. again, I had this all ready for posting last night but it wouldn't work! I don't understand what's going on. 

oh well! I'll fix it. 
here's yesterday's outfit..with pictures in the bathroom? yeah, it's weird..but I just noticed the lighting was pretty good, and I couldn't get pictures outside. so I thought I'd try something new!

top- Lush, fr. Pseudio
socks- gift
shoes- Aldo
sweater vest- 725, fr. Walmart

I tried to do a little Twiggy face to show me new make up...don't know how well I succeeded, but I'm really excited about my white eyeliner! I think it will become a staple. I also got a pick lipstick at MAC to replace the cheap $2 kind I lost over Christmas. it's kind of subtle in pictures, but without it- trust me- my lips do not look as pink. :o)

right, so the outfit; more pants! I really liked when I wore my jeans rolled up with heels a while back, so I tried it again. I guess I went with kind of a nerdy-chic twist or something...that's how I felt with the rolled pants and sweater vest and neon, haha. 


the giveaway!!

I was really excited to finally post this yesterday, but obviously technology delayed me once again. but it's done now!

so this is just a dorky little gift box that I had so much fun putting together. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one thing, so I got a bunch of small things that I think are really cool! 
there's a scarf from H&M
my favourite book in the whole world (I swear, you'll think I'm a dork cause it's a teen book, but it's so inspiring)
a pretty notebook (everybody needs those!)
ten dollar Starbucks gift card
two Skittles lip smackers
and a surprise. :o)
that's my first giveaway!

all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email and I'll randomly pick a winner on tuesday. sound good? can you tell I'm excited?!

I know it's not much, but I just wanted a fun way to say thanks to anyone who reads. 

so,  comment!
thanks guysss. <3

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fawn said...

Oh my goodness! Please count me in. (Email in profile) p.s. I love the cheery top. I can't wait for Spring. :)

Jen Hsieh said...

i'm loving these shots in the bathroom! your cuffed jeans are adorable and that's a pretty awesome shower curtain, haha.

and can i just tell you how adorable this giveaway is? stargirl is one of my favorite books of all time as well :) crossing my fingers a million times.

Unknown said...

ooh, such a cute giveaway!

Brittney-Elizabeth said...


Bathroom shots always crack me up. Altest the lid is down. The lighting is a little better than your in the hall photos.

Suburban prep said...

I hope that this applies to people in the US.
I think that it is great that you put together things that you feel are important to you.
Love the poses.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

AlixDarling said...

i LOVE the white eyeline. I think after work I am going to go pick some up
Oh and great gaveaway, I would like to be in the running.
and if oyu havent already make sure to enter my giveaway

Idée Géniale said...

yes please!
Oh and good job on the bathroom pictures. the lighting is amazing.

Lyndsee said...

Yeah, nice lighting in there. Although I am afraid of plungers, so that's a little scary. I think you're channeling Twiggy quite well with the big bright eyes.

Sarabear said...

I love the socks with heels and rolled up jeans look! Adorable! And a darling giveaway!! Would be an honor to win!!!

Janessa said...

Love the white eyeliner! Makes your eyes look very pretty.

Your contest is a super fun idea! Stargirl is an awesome book!

haha- j/k bout being in the contest. :)

Unknown said...

Another cute outfit. I'm enjoying the week of pants, especially yesterdays ( i have the same shirt-whoot!).
Good lighting in the bathroom indeed, good acoustics too....

Anonymous said...
i hope it also applies to people in asia!

loving the socks + heels combo! awesome shower curtain by the way ;)

Kyla said...

This pictures are so cute!

re: yesterday's post - I'm guessing you have really fine hair, as do I. Maybe having thicker bangs or a softer part would help eliminate the line. But, honestly, I never would have though twice about it if you hadn't mentioned it.

janetlikesbaking said...

this is a super cute idea Sarah
and i love the eyeliner!

Amanda said...

Loving the white eyeliner! Think I may need to stop tonight and get some. :)

adcotcher at gmail dot com

Crystal Card said...

yay, me too.
btw, I think I watch the Devil wears Prada at least 2x a month for all the pretty clothes, shoes and bags.. swoon.
crystallynncard [at] gmail [dot] com

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Not sure if I made in time for the giveaway, but if so, count me in! Annie. Email: