all I have to give

uggh. again, I had this all ready for posting last night but it wouldn't work! I don't understand what's going on. 

oh well! I'll fix it. 
here's yesterday's outfit..with pictures in the bathroom? yeah, it's weird..but I just noticed the lighting was pretty good, and I couldn't get pictures outside. so I thought I'd try something new!

top- Lush, fr. Pseudio
socks- gift
shoes- Aldo
sweater vest- 725, fr. Walmart

I tried to do a little Twiggy face to show me new make up...don't know how well I succeeded, but I'm really excited about my white eyeliner! I think it will become a staple. I also got a pick lipstick at MAC to replace the cheap $2 kind I lost over Christmas. it's kind of subtle in pictures, but without it- trust me- my lips do not look as pink. :o)

right, so the outfit; more pants! I really liked when I wore my jeans rolled up with heels a while back, so I tried it again. I guess I went with kind of a nerdy-chic twist or something...that's how I felt with the rolled pants and sweater vest and neon, haha. 


the giveaway!!

I was really excited to finally post this yesterday, but obviously technology delayed me once again. but it's done now!

so this is just a dorky little gift box that I had so much fun putting together. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one thing, so I got a bunch of small things that I think are really cool! 
there's a scarf from H&M
my favourite book in the whole world (I swear, you'll think I'm a dork cause it's a teen book, but it's so inspiring)
a pretty notebook (everybody needs those!)
ten dollar Starbucks gift card
two Skittles lip smackers
and a surprise. :o)
that's my first giveaway!

all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email and I'll randomly pick a winner on tuesday. sound good? can you tell I'm excited?!

I know it's not much, but I just wanted a fun way to say thanks to anyone who reads. 

so,  comment!
thanks guysss. <3

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fawn said...

Oh my goodness! Please count me in. (Email in profile) p.s. I love the cheery top. I can't wait for Spring. :)

Jen said...

i'm loving these shots in the bathroom! your cuffed jeans are adorable and that's a pretty awesome shower curtain, haha.

and can i just tell you how adorable this giveaway is? stargirl is one of my favorite books of all time as well :) crossing my fingers a million times.

Rai said...

ooh, such a cute giveaway!

Brittney-Elizabeth said...


Bathroom shots always crack me up. Altest the lid is down. The lighting is a little better than your in the hall photos.

suburban prep said...

I hope that this applies to people in the US.
I think that it is great that you put together things that you feel are important to you.
Love the poses.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Alix said...

i LOVE the white eyeline. I think after work I am going to go pick some up
Oh and great gaveaway, I would like to be in the running.
and if oyu havent already make sure to enter my giveaway

idée_géniale said...

yes please!
Oh and good job on the bathroom pictures. the lighting is amazing.

Lyndsee said...

Yeah, nice lighting in there. Although I am afraid of plungers, so that's a little scary. I think you're channeling Twiggy quite well with the big bright eyes.

Sarabear said...

I love the socks with heels and rolled up jeans look! Adorable! And a darling giveaway!! Would be an honor to win!!!

janessa said...

Love the white eyeliner! Makes your eyes look very pretty.

Your contest is a super fun idea! Stargirl is an awesome book!

haha- j/k bout being in the contest. :)

Bethany said...

Another cute outfit. I'm enjoying the week of pants, especially yesterdays ( i have the same shirt-whoot!).
Good lighting in the bathroom indeed, good acoustics too....

Anonymous said...
i hope it also applies to people in asia!

loving the socks + heels combo! awesome shower curtain by the way ;)

Kyla said...

This pictures are so cute!

re: yesterday's post - I'm guessing you have really fine hair, as do I. Maybe having thicker bangs or a softer part would help eliminate the line. But, honestly, I never would have though twice about it if you hadn't mentioned it.

Janet said...

this is a super cute idea Sarah
and i love the eyeliner!

Amanda said...

Loving the white eyeliner! Think I may need to stop tonight and get some. :)

adcotcher at gmail dot com

Crysto said...

yay, me too.
btw, I think I watch the Devil wears Prada at least 2x a month for all the pretty clothes, shoes and bags.. swoon.
crystallynncard [at] gmail [dot] com

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Not sure if I made in time for the giveaway, but if so, count me in! Annie. Email: