Oh, Canada

I'm watching the Olympic closing ceremonies right now, and they make me sad on so many levels.
first, what exactly am I supposed to do with my time now? it's like when Christmas holidays are over and you have to head back to school and all the fun's over. :o(
second...this poor display of Canadian culture!!

I mean, the whole spoof with the giant moose and stuff was funny. but what about the real stuff? and what's with the HORRIBLE music?! I mean, what about, say, Rush, or Feist, or Trooper, or Stars, or Hawksley Workman, or even Hey Rosetta! for the closing bands?? what's with the Simple Plan and Nickelback?!

for those of you reading who aren't from Canada, please don't judge us based on this.
(although Alanis is awesome.)

anywaysss. HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL. I almost peed my pants. tmi? sorry. that's all I'll say about the game or my pants. :o)

well, except this..

ls shirt- Costco
pants- Delia's
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, fr. Modcloth
scarf- gift
necklace- gift, key pendant- Tiffany

Brandon got a little excited taking pictures today, so most of them were blurry. but I liked the last one anyways. how cute is this top my sister bought meeee? she thought it was really plain, but I love the lace back. can't wait to wear it in the summer with a pair of shorts. 

for now I thought layering was more appropriate. since the outfit was really simple up top, I went with the pink pants and heels to jazz things up. a little plain, but with unexpected details. 

oh my. ceremonies are over and they ended with K-OS. seriously. sigh. 
I love you Canada, but sometimes you are just silly. 
...the sweaters you wore were kind of cute, though.

surprise surprise

hello hello!

so you may have noticed a lack of outfit photos for yesterday...that's because I didn't get dressed. :oS
the weather here was SO crazy yesterday that I refused to go outside for any purpose whatsoever. I didn't even check the mail.
a power line blew down, for goodness sakes!
so I spent the day exercising (sore today!) and reading and cooking and enjoying doing nothing.

today it's much more normal outside (although terribly ugly with the dirty leftover snow, wet dead leaves, and broken glass all around our apartment building). so I did get dressed. :o)

shirt- vintage, fr. Bloom Street Vintage on Etsy
jeans- Seduction, fr. Sirens
scarf- Modcloth
booties- Primark
earrings- RW & co

I feel like my milkmaid braids were an appropriate choice today, since this outfit makes me feel like a european country gal! the last time I did the braids I wore this scarf, but I couldn't resist using it again. it went so well with the pretty colour of my shirt... which I love! I love the sleeves, and the colour, and the little bow ascot. simple, but classy. 

I added some big, but not overly fancy, earrings because I felt I needed a little something extra around my face. (speaking of which, still LOVING the white eyeliner.)

I was going to head downtown for a little walk and a trip to the bank...but I remembered it's saturday so the bank is closed. no excuse to go, now. 

I was going to deposit a HUGE surprise. I got a $1200 cheque in the mail at school on wednesday!! apparently it was a grant that was supposed to come with my loan, but was late. I went to the office thinking it would be like, $150... and it was way more. I was stunned
as soon as lent is over I'm heading to American Apparel. ;o) 

kidding, kidding... I was actually thinking about buying a remote for my camera, or even a new lens. but mostly I'm going to save it, since I still haven't got a part time job. 

it's a big relief though! money I literally didn't know I had. 

oh, and don't forget to enter my first giveaway here! I'm so excited by all the comments already. you have till tuesday, and it's open to international, so DO IT!

also, I know I've been ignoring the shop my closet feature, but only because my sister ended up taking some stuff home with her. I'm going to upload some new stuff so please let me know if you like anything!

okay, that's all. happy weekend!

playing: Say Yes to the Dress- TLC

all I have to give

uggh. again, I had this all ready for posting last night but it wouldn't work! I don't understand what's going on. 

oh well! I'll fix it. 
here's yesterday's outfit..with pictures in the bathroom? yeah, it's weird..but I just noticed the lighting was pretty good, and I couldn't get pictures outside. so I thought I'd try something new!

top- Lush, fr. Pseudio
socks- gift
shoes- Aldo
sweater vest- 725, fr. Walmart

I tried to do a little Twiggy face to show me new make up...don't know how well I succeeded, but I'm really excited about my white eyeliner! I think it will become a staple. I also got a pick lipstick at MAC to replace the cheap $2 kind I lost over Christmas. it's kind of subtle in pictures, but without it- trust me- my lips do not look as pink. :o)

right, so the outfit; more pants! I really liked when I wore my jeans rolled up with heels a while back, so I tried it again. I guess I went with kind of a nerdy-chic twist or something...that's how I felt with the rolled pants and sweater vest and neon, haha. 


the giveaway!!

I was really excited to finally post this yesterday, but obviously technology delayed me once again. but it's done now!

so this is just a dorky little gift box that I had so much fun putting together. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one thing, so I got a bunch of small things that I think are really cool! 
there's a scarf from H&M
my favourite book in the whole world (I swear, you'll think I'm a dork cause it's a teen book, but it's so inspiring)
a pretty notebook (everybody needs those!)
ten dollar Starbucks gift card
two Skittles lip smackers
and a surprise. :o)
that's my first giveaway!

all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email and I'll randomly pick a winner on tuesday. sound good? can you tell I'm excited?!

I know it's not much, but I just wanted a fun way to say thanks to anyone who reads. 

so,  comment!
thanks guysss. <3

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you were always singing along

day two of pants week.

other than wearing pants, nothing very interesting happened today. I slept in wayyy too late, even for a holiday, watched some tv, read a few blogs, read my book,uploaded photos to facebook, and...honestly that's about it! Brandon asked what I did all day when he got home, and I could actually reply "nothing."

tomorrow I am going to be more productive. I've decided there are a few things I am going to try my hardest to do a little every day; read, exercise, blog (of course), play guitar, and keep the apartment tidy. that's a lot of stuff when you consider how much time I'm in school, usually. but I think the decision goes nicely with the fact that lent's started, so maybe these will be my belated lent objectives.

I also gave up shopping for lent, which is why I didn't do any when Becky was here. that and no money. but still, it's a good thing to try.

and no, I'm not Catholic, but I do think lent is a good practice.

aaaand pants...

(I don't really like this picture, but I want to show my earrings!)

turtle neck sweater- Fairweather
pants- H&M
earrings- gift fr. my mom
boots- Spring

I think I like this outfit...it's kind of Sarah-last-year, but hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing, right? I find when I wear pants I tend to try and overcompensate by being girlier somewhere else- like wearing heels or fancy hair or more make up. I tried not to do that this time. 

but about the hair...does anyone else have that annoying hairline around the head? right where my bang is. how do I get rid of that? I mean, is it a cut thing, or am I styling wrong? I dunno. I don't want the line!
Kyla and Mel, you guys don't have it! what's the deal?

anyways. I wrote this last night, but again, it wouldn't post. well, the photos wouldn't upload. I literally sat and waited for 20 minutes for one photo to show up, and no such luck. so I gave up. officially, this post is for wednesday.

I really need to update my computer so this stops happening...

also, I haven't said much about the Olympics, but I am actually a winter Olympic freak. I've been watching everything I possibly can, and I'm so pumped that Canada got four medals yesterday! sick. thank you, bobsleigh.

I love having the week off so I can watch Olympic Morning with Jay Onrait and eat doritos.

I know a lot of people have been saying this is "the worst Olypics ever" and I personally think it was a big risk to have them in Vancouver (hello, even I know it rains like everyday!). but... shut up! Canada is awesome.

I think they should have put a bid in for Corner Brook (Newfoundland). eight feet of natural snow, baby.

ok. done.
time to stop with the doritos and get dressed already!

playing: Eet - Regina Spektor

it's been a while


long time no see, blog. I guess I got a little distracted from my whole wear-some-great-outfits-and-have-a-great-blog-week with my sister being here and all. I've been spending all my time with her, relaxing, eating tons a food, and having a whole lotta fun. so it was worth it! besides, I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, so it's probably for the best.

it's not that I'm bored with my closet...goodness knows there's enough in there to keep me satisfied. I just..don't know what to wear! I pick out a dress, but I have no clue what I want to wear with it. or I want to wear jeans, but I don't like any of my tops that day. or I want to look one way, and the outfit I pick looks completely another.

I think I'm just trying to hard to wear a certain item rather than just picking an outfit. I end up throwing random things around that item and it never seems to work as a whole. I have to get back to wearing the whole outfit and not building it with rules starting with, say, a certain pair of shoes.

I've also realized I'm starting to resent pants. I mean, I strongly dislike wearing them. whenever I do, I feel like I'm forcing myself and I look boring and not stylish and not myself. even though forcing it is part of my problem lately, I feel like I really need to figure out how I like to wear pants (because I used to all the time, just last year!)
so I'm challenging myself, for the rest of the week, to only wear pants. I figure this way I'm bound to find a way of styling pants in a way that I like and still feel good.

day one was today, but the photos from that aren't on my computer yet...and I'm here cozy in bed...and my camera's wayyyy out there...

so instead, here are a couple outfits from the past few days. :o)

l/s top- Zara
belt- H&M
navy tights- Joe Fresh, fr. Dominion
boots- borrowed from Becky

the top is my other purchase from Toronto. I've been picturing it with a floral skirt, but I don't have one to match. so I improvised with a floral dress, added a little belt, and off for a day of shopping with the sis.

dress- gift
scarf- London street vendor
cardigan- Kersh, fr. Envy
belt- Chinese Laundry, fr. Envy
tights- Hue fr. Macy's
shoes- Pierre Dumas, fr. Modcloth

had to break out the dress Becky gave me for Christmas while she was here! also finally gave e the opportunity to wear these adorable shoes.

anyway. I haven't forgotten about the giveaway either. I just need to take photos of it...it's just with Becky here I didn't think about it a whole lot. I promise, I'll be better the rest of the week!

now, please note; I wrote this entry last night (tuesday) in bed, but the internet's really bad in there. so it didn't actually post till this morning (wednesday). hope it's not too confusing. :o)

now I'll go get dressed for today's post!

playing: There's an Arc- Hey Rosetta!

until tomorrow...

hello hello...

so I skipped another day...but that will be stopping soon enough, cause I have a whole week with no school and no radio and no travelling. so I'll be home doing nothing for an extended period. hopefully I can pull out some decent outfits, cause lately I haven't been feeling on the ball.

but, here are some outfits anyway. I hope you like 'em.

top- H&M
tights- Ardene
boots- gift, fr. Spring

we got a TON of snow yesterday, so I opted for more indoor photos. the weather also kind of dictated my outfit a little, especially the shoes- trudging through a foot of snow calls for flats. but snow also means it's actually not as cold, so I didn't want to layer on sweaters and scarves or anything. 

this skirt is one of the two things I bought in Toronto. it's a little too big, but it was on sale and I'm thinking it will shrink. I mostly liked the colours, and I was looking for some patterned skirts to go with the recent influx of solid tops in my wardrobe.

even though pretty much everything was shut down yesterday because of the snow, radio keeps going, so I had to produce a show. it was really difficult because no one was available for interviews or anything, but it was cool. sometimes it's kind of nice to be trapped inside with a purpose and a select group of friends while the world outside is shut down. 

and this is what we were left with this morning...

(sorry for the weird face, a bird noisily flew past just as the picture was taken!)

cardigan- Kensie Girl, fr. Idee Geniale
tights- H&M
shoes- Seychelles

I love the back of this dress, so I thought I'd risk people thinking I was crazy and take off the cardigan...it actually wasn't cold at all. anyways, I really like the deep red of the dress. I got this cardigan from Mel at her blog shop, and I was excited to wear it! the bunnies are irresistible. I actually saw it online a couple times and really wanted it, but it was too expensive. I'm so happy I finally got one!

also, excuse the wrinkly dress..I think it's a tad too big after wearing it a couple times, so I'm gonna stick it in the dryer and it should fit a little better. I like the idea of simple, body skimming dresses, but maybe my body's just not cut out for them. I felt quite lumpy a couple times.

but, lumpiness aside, I have some cool news!
I'm doing a giveaway. :o)

I have 40 followers now (well, 41, but I decided to do it at 40!) so I thought that might be enough for a little present for one of you. even if you're not a follower, but are just checking out my blog. I think it'll be a fun way to see who's reading.  

I'll probably update with what I'm giving away tomorrow. I have a couple things, but I want to make sure it's cool! 

so definitely check back tomorrow, leave a comment, and you could winnnn.
...leave a comment on that post, of course. but this one too, if you want!

in other news, my sister is visiting tomorrow! and it's my last radio show! and it's winter break! tomorrow's gonna be a goooood day. I'm excited. 

playing: OLYMPICS!

comin' home

I'm back!

I know you've all been longing to hear from me while you were off at NYFW having a terrible time. 
...is that sarcasm obvious? good.

I'm having fun reading all about your nyc adventures, but I had fun of my own too! Toronto was great. I mean, it's hard to get a real impression of a city when you're only really there one day (and that day happens to be a sunday). so it was different than I expected... but I had a great time. 

and I only bought TWO things! proud, mom?

John Mayer was incredible. way better than last time I saw him, and he was pretty awesome then too. he was funny and weird and conversational and did some sort of Valentine's day improv/rap thing. say what you want about his bad media coverage or his cheesy lyrics, the dude can play guitar somethin' sick.

other than that I pretty much just wandered around T-dot, hung around Brando's relatives, and went to the CN tower. oh, and we took Brandon's cousin to the zoo. fun!

so I didn't really take any outfit pictures, for two reasons; lack of time and lack of thought while packing. I really did it all in a rush and wasn't looking my best. but I have friday's outfit (pre-Olympics opening party and pre-trip) and today's, so it's like a weekend sandwich.

(I'm not making much sense today- forgive me, I have a lot on my mind and figure skating is on in the background.)

a big thank you to Mel for helping me out with these awesome Seychelles! I've been dying for a pair ever since I discovered them through the blogging world, but shipping to Canada is ridiculous. so Mel let me ship them to her instead, then she sent them to me. and I LOVE them. totally worth it. they are so comfortable and go with everything.

I am really loving this tank top that I bought in nyc, too. the chains are actually not a necklace, but part of the shirt. and I think it's such a great shape. 

I paired it with the dark green cardi because I like the deep colour with the casual/modern grey. the jeans are actually darker than the picture shows too...and I rolled them up to show off the new footwear. :o)

dress- vintage, fr. Modcloth
belt- H&M
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, fr. Modcloth

more of my favourite shoes! I immediately thought of them when I decided to wear this dress. I like how the silver in the shoes kind of echoes the sheen of the dress. plus, it makes a kind-of-dated piece more modern. 

for the belt I didn't want to go the basic black, so grey was next in line! and the tights were just a funky touch. I love how they totally affect the feel of the outfit. it's so colourful.

kay, so that's what I've been wearing. as for what I've been doing, hopefully I'll have some pictures of that tomorrow! perhaps. for now I should probably sleep to prepare for the inevitable long day ahead...although I'd much rather stay up all night and watch the Olympics. I have Olympic fevah. 

but... bed is good too.

also, happy belated Valentine's day. <3

playing: Moneymaker - Rilo Kiley

I'm not lost I'm just wandering

I thought I had a bunch of interesting or timely things to say. but instead I'll go with this;

I'm watching Mythbusters right now, and they made a sail boat out of duct tape.
...there's something that sounds so Newfie about that.

I've been so busy lately I've barely had time for blogging! terrible. I can only imagine how hectic life must be for those of you lucky ones going to New York Fashion Week... have I mentioned that I'm ridiculously jealous? a couple times, maybe?

I want to go so badddd. and to meet some of you. oh well, maybe next year.

for now I'll have to be satisfied with a little V-day trip to Toronto. Brando and I are going to see John Mayer! I saw him once before, but Brandon hasn't and he's one of his favourites (pronoun overloadddd). so we're going! I've never been to T-dot before... I think my excitement is being muffled by my NYFW envy. :o)

well, I've got a few photos for you today, so let's get to it!

(oops, little blurry!)

dress- Lush fr. Pseudio 
top- H&M
tights- H&M
shoes- Kensie girl fr. Modcloth

I got this dress a few weeks ago, and I was waiting for the perfect time and outfit to wear it. mostly I was waiting for these shoes to arrive! and let me tell you; they're hot, but boy were they an adventure. not in the good way, either. I thought I was going to die. I'm gonna have to practice my butt off in these. 

I really wanted to pair the dress with some purple, so this shirt was perfect. and the shoes...well, online they look very purple. plain as day. then, when I opened them in my living room, they looked totally BLUE. then, in my bedroom, in the mirror, PURPLE again! anyway, I decided they were going to be purple. 

so that was yesterday. loved the outfit, but not gonna lie, it kind of made me not want to wear heels to school anymore. I admit it was kind of a bad decision on a day when I had to do a lot of walking, but I was doing my best. then I hear these girls behind me say something like "look at those," "what is she doing?," "she's having a lot of trouble" *giggle giggle*. as if I wasn't embarrassed enough already, with the occasional stumbling and consequential slowness and such. I mean, give me some credit. I have to practice sometime. 

sometimes I feel like enjoying style is kind of a backwards thing for me, since I hate being noticed. I don't like when people are looking at me, especially when it's to casually note my flaws. 

anyways. not so much drama with today's outfit. I went with flats. :oS

dress- Bettie Page, fr. Modcloth
tights- Joe Fresh
belt- Chinese Laundry, fr. Envy
sheos- Forever 21
earrings- Claire's from forever ago!

I chose this dress cause I felt like it was time to break it out again! it's simple but gorgeous..and to be honest, I know some people at school liked it, and I didn't want to go through the whole workshop with them thinking I never wear the same thing twice. it was kind of a conscious effort to repeat noticably.

not sure if anyone actually noticed.

I thought the patterned flats and ponytail gave it a preppy vibe, which I like with a 40s style dress. but still sophisticated a little. yay, easy outfits!

aaand tomorrow will be my obligatory pants day. and I will try heels again. get back on the horse, Sarah...

come to think of it, I'm REALLY looking forward to this weekend away. 


playing: Hometown Glory- Adele

a lack of colour

nothing like a quickie before bed. :o)
...quick post, of course! get your mind out of the gutter.

dress- (don't recall at the moment) fr. Envy
shirt- Topman
boots- Spring
belt- my mom found it and declared it wasn't hers

note: the last picture is my attempt at highlighting the fact that I finally got a haircut today. yayyy, I have bangs again! I'm really obsessive when it comes to my fringe...every time I come back from the salon I'm positive one side is longer than the other. it drives me nuts for days and I usually end up snipping it a little myself. I'm kind of nuts. 

I didn't plan on wearing this outfit today, but it was kind of on request. me and this guy at school (who happens to wear plaid every single day, and I happen to comment on it) discovered we had very similar shirts. I thought it would be funny to be "twins" one day, and he said that day was today. so I had to work the shirt into my outfit, haha. 

I really like the plaid with the black and white stripes, so I thought this dress was perfect. the rest was just accenting. 

also, since I've been thinking about my hair...I'm kind of considering dying it. I never have before (not all over, anyways) but I'm really in the mood to go red or black. and I really can't decide which I like better! it doesn't matter for now because I don't have the funds anyways, but it's fun to think about. and I have stylish beauties for each colour to take inspiration from, like....

anyways, maybe more on this tomorrow. also, you may have noticed I didn't have time to update the shop blog today, but check it out tomorrow!

peace. :o)

playing: Fifteen- Rilo Kiley