what Sarah said


so you're all probably confused as to why I'm posting another outfit, but this is what I actually wore today; like I said, I fell asleep friday night and never got a chance to post, then last night blogger wouldn't upload my photos. so that entry was actually yesterday's.

dress- vintage fr. etsy
tights- hue (fr. macy's!)
socks- h&m
boots- sears
belt- second hand
hat- aldo

had church today, so I decided last night to wear this dress. this morning I just starting grabbing slightly coordinated accessories and kept it pretty simple- picking out an outfit doesn't always have to be complicated, haha. and I felt pretty good about it, so yeah. that's it!

I'm in the process of going though my nyc pictures and putting them on facebook. there are sooo many. ever go somewhere and feel like you aren't taking enough photos, then get back and realize there are like, thousands? cause you were trying harder?

well, that's what I keep doing on vacations. except this Christmas at home...I'm pretty bummed about that actually. maybe that explains the overkill on nyc.

oh, and speaking of facebook, it just told me my parents got an F for originality in naming me. Sarah was the 5th most popular name the year I was born. it's still 23rd. yuck. doesn't surprise me though, I mean I've only met a million. I volunteered in the nursery today in church, and the only baby there? Sarah Elizabeth. shocker.

I felt bad for the kid.

I used to really dislike my name just because it was so common. now it actually bothers me. I wish I didn't think changing your name was so cheesy and disrespectful and awkward. cause then I would totally make a poll on here or chictopia or just put an add on cnn to choose a new one.

Delightfully Tacky did this thing a while ago where she got people to guess her name, or suggest one that suited her (even though her name is already pretty cool- I wish I could go by my middle name.) I thought it was kind of fun, so if anyone wants to suggest a new one for me that would be interesting, haha.

but I already told you my name, so I guess it's not as fun for you...
do it anyways. ;o)


playing- What Sarah Said- Death Cab for Cutie


Jen Hsieh said...

you look so gorgeous in that yellow vintage dress. i especially love how you paired it with those tights! :)
hmmm and i'd probably think your name was amy or stephanie.

AlixDarling said...

an outside photo! it looks cold

Wild as a Mink said...

I forgot to tell you I'm so sorry I missed you while you were here in NYC. Mel told me this blogger was in town, but she didn't tell me exactly who it was so I had no clue until it was too late that it was actually YOU! Did I tell you all of this already? can't remember.

Anyway, this dress is super cute. And Sarah is a good name--it's very classic. Least you're not one of those overly trendy, obnoxious names like "mckensie" or whatever else we hear all the time now. I suppose if I were to rename you something I would go with "liza" or "eliza" you kinda have that quirky girl vibe that goes along with being named "Liza" (or so this is what I think.)

kate maggie said...

You are so gorgeous. i love this outfit and these pictures..I love the name Sarah aswell..but I can see where you are coming from!

Kyla said...

This is such a beautiful dress!

And you should totally catch up on the new CSI's. They did SUCH a good job with the transition and Lawrence Fishbourne is amazing!

I also LOVE Breaking Bad. We still need to get caught up on the 2nd season. My cousin played Jane in it! Isn't she awesome?!

sachiiiii said...

Amazing dress. It's so spring-y, and I love how you winterized it!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I never realized.. that I don't know your first name! I'm going to guess.. Emma. That's kind of an uncommon name.. I don't know why I picked it.. just look like an Emma kind of ! :D

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Why not june, as in junebabie? Love this dress so much! Anine.

Ashley Dy said...

Gorgeous dress sweety!