take it easy

awww I missed a day.
technically I missed two days, because it's after midnight, but I almost always post after midnight! in case you haven't noticed, all my posts are dated wrong- it's like posting from the futureeee.

anyways, that just means I have three outfits for you tonight. can you say photo overload?


dress- modcloth
tights- modcloth
shoes- vintage fr. pineapplemint on etsy
sweater- smart set
hat- gift fr. my mom
necklace- modcloth

wednesday was a very modcloth kind of day, apparently. these are all things I've owned for ages, and I was just in the mood to wear this dress- it's actually really warm, so last time I wore it I was too hot. I actually wore a brighter gold-coloured tights to class, but it was too cold for just one pair so I came home and added these thick ones on top. and the hat was just because I didn't wash my hair. :op


top- lush fr. envy
skirt- lush
tights(polk dot)- h&m
tights(pink)- claire's
boots- spring
scarf- gift

...I think the last photo looks like I'm being beckoned by a voice from above and have triumphantly answered the call. very Joan of Arc, don't you think?
anyways. didn't get home till after dark again, so thanks to indoor lighting my pink tights look red. but other than that I like the pictures. and yes, I wore a sequin skirt in the middle of the day. on a weekday. to a radio newsroom. I don't care, it's a cute skirt and I wanted to wear it. of course when I was walking back to the radio room after lunch some girl was very blatantly and crudely giggling about how short my skirt was as she walked behind me, and her friend made no attempt to stifle her laughter while saying "don't look up that poor girl's skirt." stupid sweatpants-wearing obnoxious people. I mean really, I CAN HEAR YOU. it's so rude to talk about people like they aren't there.
I liked my skirt. and it's not that short.
it did hitch up my tights though...sadface.


dress- modcloth
long sleeve tee- smart set
tights- ardene
boots- spring
bow- gift

I took these photos around noon, and there was barely enough light to even see my clothes! so I had to lighten them a bit. also, sorry I look so cranky, I just didn't want to be grinning like a dork because a lot of people were walking down the street while I was doing this.
still loving this dress. the shirt kind of looks grey, but it's actually purple. just so you know. and I've been  really in a black mood lately, so I kept the rest of the outfit the one colour. now, I say "lately," but really I probably won't wear black for the next couple days, haha. but, in my head, I really enjoy black right now. :o)

welllllll. that took a while.
it's FRIDAYYYY! and I didn't do anything tonight...hmm. I was so excited that this week was over that I rewarded myself with a day on the town. which in Halifax doesn't amount to much, but I got some starbucks, went thrifting, and exchanged some stuff at h&m. I got something really cool at the thrift store, I'll show you tomorrow!

although, it seems like thrift stores around here are very overpriced. I'd noticed that before, but today I kept finding old navy things that were like $28. I'm not going to spend $28 on an old navy top from two years ago that probably didn't cost $28 to begin with.

I also found a kensie cardigan with the tags still on (!) but I decided to force myself to choose between that and the thing I actually bought. maybe I'll get the cardigan some other time...I don't think many kensie fans frequent these thrift stores. it's mostly ladies in their 40s who smell like pachouli.

I was going to go see Book of Eli or Youth in Revolt tonight, because both look awesome. we decided to stay in and watch How I Met Your Mother and play rock band instead. but the Golden Globes are sunday, and I'm excited! I've seen most of the nominees except A Single Man, so I think we're going to watch that tomorrow night and save the other two for the coming week. I lovelovelove awards season.

anyways I'd better get me some shut-eye. I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in far too long and doing nothing all day tomorrow. :o)

happy weekend!

playing: Don't Forget Me- the Red Hot Chilli Peppers


AlixDarling said...

i really really love that sparkly skirt

Second Skin said...

Oh you are so stinking cute! That long sleeved cream dress with the peter pan collar and bow belt will be $30 + $6 shipping $12.50 international.

I think your style is so great!

Kristin said...

All of these outfits are so insanely cute! I love the both the sweet, more vintage inspired style, then the edgy style of the second outfit. I love when people have their own style, but wear different styles their own way!

Ilse said...

I love your style sooo much! it's very diverse. and your header's very beautiful!

Idée Géniale said...

Oh these outfits are all so cute!I thinkyou're the master of colored tights! its true.
And that comment about the older ladies who smell of patchouli made me lol in my apt. by myself. thanks.

AlixDarling said...

yes, yes PEN PALS!!!