so this is the new year...

holla, 2010!

first off, happy new year, fellow bloggers! I'm sorry it may seem as though I have abandoned you this past week or two, but really I've been far busier than anticipated. I have in fact been taking outfit pics and attempting (however vainly) to keep up with my blog list, but I just haven't actually got around to posting anything yet...

a couple things to start:

1) Christmas was super-duper awesoe and I got tons of great loot, including 2 vintage dresses from LeProust Vintage!
2) I am now in New York Cityyyyy
3) I haven't uploaded my New Year's outfit to my computer yet but here's one from last week to hold you over, Janet. :o)

ignore the crazy eyes in the second photos will be much better now that I have an awesome new camera. :o)

dress- Modcloth
tights- we love colors
boots- charlotte russe
long sleeve tee- costco

I surrendered to a pair of jeffrey campbell heels on modcloth a few weeks ago and couldn't resist buying this adorable dress too. I saved it for my big night out on the town on Christmas eve-eve because I thought it was unique and pretty but casual. of course a night out means heels are a no no, which is why I went for the boots, and I picked burgundy tights to add a different colour tone... not to hide wasted wine easily, I assure you.

whew. so nyc is awesomeee, as expected. ran into a few slight difficulties...well, just about every difficulty you could imagine, actually.

first we almost didn't get on our flight because it was overbooked and of course we were the ones who wouldn't make it on board because we hadn't assigned ourselves seats.

then they lost our luggage. oh, and we weren't allowed a carry on, so we lost ALL. our luggage. I wore the same skirt/shirt combo for three days straight. ugh. had no make-up. all American money was in my carry on. you get the idea.

then we tried to go skating in the park, but because I had my camera and would have to "check" it, I would have to pay $22 for skating. for 45 minutes. screw that, says the Canadian who grew up with friends who had rinks in their back yard.

then the reservations we supposedly had for dinner on New Year's didn't work out because we weren't even allowed on that bloody street. so I didn't get to see the ball drop after all.

oh, and it took us four attempts to finally get in the Empire State Building.

...get the picture?

BUT. I LOVE it here. all that other stuff worked itself out in time and we've been having a lot of fun. plus, I got to meet my first real life blogger friend- Mel from Idee Geniale. she was kind enough to help me out on the no-clothes front and hopefully we'll be going shopping tomorrow, so yay!

and of course tons of other amazing stuff that I can't talk about right now because it's 2am and I'm rambling. tomorrow's my last day in nyc!

here's to a fabulous 2010. :o)

playing: Bad Romance- Lady Gaga (stuck in my head for dayssss)


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I'm in LOVE with that dress! I wanted to order the same one off ModCloth but haven't done so yet.. but you've inspired me! Adorable!

Blackbird Fly said...

I <3 that dress!!!