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first off, I'd like to thank you all for your well-wishes and kind words for yesterday. it's so sweet of you all  and it's nice to know that at least someone knows how I feel (or felt). so thank you for your support. you really are the bestest!

obviously, I opted for a lazy fashion day!

cardigan- walmart, gift
tank top- kensie
scarf- gift
jeans- garage (like a million years old
wool slippers- gift
(this whole outfit was practically free)

I feel much better today, physically and otherwise. I was still feeling pretty sick this morning, but I was determined not to spend my entire weekend on the couch. so I popped some tylenol, put on some eyeliner and blush so I didn't look like the walking dead, and went to the movies with Brandon. and I actually started feeling a lot better around lunch time.

we saw The Book of Eli, which was fantastic. one of those intense post-apocalyptic things that kind of make you stomach hurt cause they're so gritty. but a really good story. and I don't want to ruin it, but I really didn't expect a movie about humanity focusing on the Bible. it was kind of refreshing.

post-apocalyptic stories are always so depressing though. same with dystopian ones. how terrible must human nature be if the second the world goes to shit we all start killing and raping each other? and it's happened so many times in the past that you know it's true. that's just so, so tragic. and MEN. men are horrible. I mean women have the cruelty in them to kill and hurt but the first thing men want to do when there's no law is rape. it's just GROSS. I know that sounds juvenile but honestly, is disgusts me that in the midst of killing and suffering that that is still at the forefront of their minds.

...I'm trying not to lump all men in here, haha. after all, Hollywood would be nothing without sensationalism.

anywho. after The Book of Eli since I was in such an intense frame of mind we decided to sneak into The Lovely Bones and get a two-for-one deal.  (sorry mom. it was Brandon's idea.) also very good. also very intense. not in the same way, though, cause it was only rated pg. I prefer Stanley Tucci as Meryl Streep's kind and overworked fashion assistant. :o)

even though these movies were scary and sad and harsh, it felt good to escape to another world for almost the entire day. sometimes I think I'd like to spend my whole life just absorbed in someone else's. I mean, really that's what I do. spend my life with other people's stories- movies, journalism, books, even music. it's what I find most fascinating, but isn't that also odd? to be happier seeing a great film about oh, surfing or something, than actually learning to surf? maybe I need to find a way to do both.

but living in someone else's idea, someone else's creation, someone else's experience- that's part of living too, I think. it's captivating. sometimes I ache to be one of the people who creates the stories, but maybe I'm just supposed to be one of the people who enjoys them with all their heart.
which I do.
I do not understand those who don't!

well. that's that. now I'm going to have some leftover chinese and watch the SAG awards. which appear so far to just be repeats of the Golden Globe winners...
have I mentioned that I love awards season?

there's alot of writing in this post, so if you've made it this far, cheers!
happy weekend.

playing: Set the Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol w/Martha Wainwright

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Jen Hsieh said...

lazy fashion days are my favorite. you feet look so cozy and i love that scarf of yours :)
i'm dying to see both of the movies you got to check out. i'm nervous about the lovely bones though because i loved the book with all my heart and idk what to expect from the film.
have fun with your chinese food :D