one of those days

evening, everyone.

so I know this is supposed to be my holiday recap, but I'm feeling pretty lousy right now so I think I'm just going to get some sleep. school is just completely getting me down, and I'm so terrified about the future that my optimism has all but died along with my self confidence. is that supposed to be hyphenated? I don't even know.

I'm sure everything will look more manageable in the morning. one day at a time usually keeps me pretty content, so I'm just going to wait for tomorrow night so I can binge on Office-watching and order sushi.

yeahhh I'll be fine.

yesterday's outfit (tomorrow I will be caught up!):

(these are a little blurry, still trying to figure this camera out indoors till I get a tripod! you can't even tell that my tights are aqua blue. sigh.)

dress- Christmas present (fr. Caitlin!)
cardigan- zara
tights- hue fr. macy's
boots- charlotte russe
necklace- tiffany 

I totally saved Christmas money specifically to buy one of the key necklaces from Tiffany's. this was the cheapest (and smallest, haha) one, but it was probably my favourite. well, top two. I love the Tiffany blue. I am also totally psyched about the box and it has found a home, re-wrapped in the white ribbon, on my dresser. :o)
anyways, I wore the dress Caitlin gave me while she was here, cause I love it and I wanted her to know that. the blue tights really were a nice touch, so it sucks that you can't see them. should have checked that. oh well.

I really should go now. bigger and brighter things tomorrow- here's hoping.

playing: Breaking- Anberlin

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Jen Hsieh said...

aww i love this outfit and that tiffany's necklace is so lovely! thinking about the future also gets me a little stressed and worrisome. hopefully tomorrow will a better day. :)