New York, New York

well, the jig is up.
my mom found my blog. I learned this when my dad called me this evening complaining about how he couldn't see my pictures on his computer. they were just empty blocks.
I wonder when they'll figure out how to comment...

anyways, I think it's about time I talked about my FABULOUS trip to the Big Apple!

it feels like so long ago already, I hardly know where to start. we got to do so much stuff, yet have so much left to do! I kind of forgot how big New York is... there were a couple things we had to skip because of time, or COLD, or just plain bad luck, but that's not what I want to focus on- besides, all the more reason to go back sometime!

I saw Wicked!! ...again. yes, I know it sounds silly, but my reasons are threefold; one, I've seen most other musicals either on movie or some other production, and I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy them as much because let's face it, you always like your original best; two, Wicked is not a movie and so I can't watch it whenever I want; and three, it's amazing and I'd watch it every day if I could. it was amazing again. in the first act I actually thought Broadway was being outshone by London, but they really picked it up in act two. ;o)

had the world's best turkey sandwich at Katz Deli, where Sally had her (fake) orgasm (mom, if you're reading this, it's from a movie!). it was so hectic and busy and I was so confused, so I just ordered the safest thing that came to my mind- and the dude pulls out a whole turkey, like the actual bird, and starts carving slices off it. who knew?! and I think that's what Sally had, too. so the food was awesome, and the movie lover in me was very satisfied.

after three failed attempts to get up the Empire State building we finally made it on our second-last day in  the city. that was pretty fun, and I loved seeing the whole city from up there! even if it was ungodly cold. I really wanted to go at night and day, but of course funds weren't that abundant and neither was time. so we went with night; better for looking (in my opinion), but not so hot for pictures. oh well! definitely worth it.
although I was so mad at myself when I realized I had no pictures of the actual building in daylight. boo.

I went to Beacon's closet! it was...completely overwhelming, haha. I wanted to look at everything, and there was simply too much! it was great fun though, and if I lived anywhere near "BK" I would be there all the time. I got some cute stuff that I'll be showing you soon enough.

also, on a very related note, I got to meet Mel. :o) which was my first real-life blogger experience. she took me shopping (including to Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange, where I got great stuff) and showed me around Kensie and was generally just very cool and very nice. I hope I get to meet more of you bloggers in the future!

hmm, what else... well, it was probably the coldest I've ever been. and sooo many things went wrong. and I had to spend about two days in an airport. but I seriously can't wait to go back. maybe I should just start saving now...

I really want to win the chictopia contest to go there for their fashion week, but the chances are slim. besides, I'm kiiiinda supposed to be going to Toronto on February 13th with Brandon, haha, so if I left him that would me a little rude. I'll cross that bridge if I ever come to it.

anyways. that's not even close to summarizing the awesomeness of my trip, but I think I'll just let some photos do the talking for now.

(where we were standing the last minute of 2009 and the first of 2010)

(the street our hostel was on- W 95th)

I totally know why they make so many I <3 NY shirts. I definitely <3 it. who knows? maybe I'll end up living there someday. I certainly won't make a living in Atlantic Canada in the journalism field...but that's neither here nor there.

and now I'm going to sleep. too lazy to post outfit pictures right now. we'll play catch-up tomorrow. :o)

ps. who's proud of me for not making one Sex and the City reference? I know I am. OR Friends. I must be mellowing.

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Kristin said...

I LOVE NY so much! Your trip looked incredible! And how fun that you got to meet Mel and go to Kensie!! That is awesome!