long time comin'

so I'm sorry I didn't update last night like I said I would..I fell asleep on the couch while Brandon was watching basketball. :oS

(note: I wrote this whole entry last night before bed, but blogger wouldn't upload any of my outfit photos! so I'm sorry if the timeline is confusing...)

I suppose it's a little late for Christmas pictures, but I do have a few things I'd like to share.

1) Christmas was AWESOME. I mean, it's always awesome, but it was just so good to go home this time and see all my friends and family. and I ate like royalty, as is my mom's speciality. I think I may have gained like five pounds...

2) I got most things on my wish list! and I didn't even tell anyone about it. I got an awesome Canon xsi from my parents, coco mademoiselle perfume from Brandon, holiday lush gift box from Brandon, studded boots from my sister, an Up dvd from Tony, and Brandon got the new Mario bros. game so that totally counts. I know gifts aren't the important part of Christmas by a long shot, but that's pretty cool, right? and I didn't really expect to get a Chanel bag.

3) my sister and I are getting along fabulously, which was quite a lovely gift in itself. she's even got a plane ticket to come visit me in march. it's nice having a sibling who actually...likes you? even if she does start conversations with things like "Sarah, where do you get all your weird clothes?"

4) have I mentioned my friends yet? I'm so miffed at myself for not taking any pictures of them! arg! I'll probably steal some old ones from facebook, because you just have to meet them.

5) kay that's all I can think of right now, so moving on... to outfits!

dress- fr. envy
tights- h&m
shoes- spring
cardigan- gift, forever 21
belt- ??

I thought this dress looked very french, and I just liked how it fit when I tried it on... it seemed like it would make a very good summer dress since it was kind of a stand-alone outfit, so of course I had to try and make it winter-appropriate. I don't think I succeeded- three people told me to dress warmer. but I was so excited at finding some polka dot tights that I had to pair them together. anyways, it didn't quite turn out as planned, cause I really wanted to wear a red cardigan with it but...I don't have one. and the grey didn't really match. but I still like the dress. :o)


dress- buffalo exchange
shirt- topman
belt- bizou
necklace- modcloth
tights(patterned)- charlotte russe
tights(blue)- primark
boots- gift, spring

I got this dress on my shopping trip with Mel in Brooklyn. it was $25, but it still had the topshop tags on, and fit me great, so I/we decided it was worth it. it's strapless, so you're not missing much under the shirt. which is boys, by the way. Brandon has the same one haha. I have just been wanting a flannel with a hood for a while, and this one was pretty cheap. the choice of tights is actually a deliberate one, since I liked the idea of the square fishnets mirroring the square pattern of the plaid... overall I think it was a great, comfy saturday outfit.

this weekend actually turned out to be pretty great. on friday I took a relaxation day after our story meeting and took myself out for sushi (alone! I'm so grown up) and a trip to the mall. I wanted to get a couple long sleeved tops, cause I rarely have tops to wear with my jeans in the winter. I feel like I'm over using my cardigans...but there really aren't many nice tops that have sleeves. it's weird. I guess one of the reasons I have so many dresses is because they're so versatile and there are so many pretty ones, but I never really fall in love with a shirt. I kind of have to decide to buy some.

anyways, I got a couple long sleeve tees that are plain, but really nice colours and comfortable. and a cool sequinned skirt! and it's funny, everything I bought was the brand lush. not even on purpose.

then me and Brandon ordered a pizza and watched The Office. it was a nice day. :o)

yesterday was pretty lazy. we went out for brunch, walked around a bit, watched some more Office, ordered a pizza. did the low key thing.

and today... has promise. I have a lot of work to do, but hopefully everything goes smoothly. and I'll stop it there, because this entry is really three days long, and that's quite enough!

hope you all had lovely weekends.

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Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Love those blue tights! Annie.

Unknown said...

The shirt on top of the dress is super cute! :3

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I loveee that top outfit! Those tights and the dress and belted cardi.. such an adorable look! And that dress in the second photo is darling! I'll be excited to see that one in spring too!