just keep chasing pavements

so I skipped a day of blogging yesterday. for no particular reason. I just didn't really get dressed, and not a whole lot happened, so not much blogger material.

I finally started cleaning the bedroom and sorting through my clothes...and boy, do I have clothes. I mean, obviously I knew that. but sometimes I feel that I have so much stuff that I never get a chance to wear it all! I'm trying to get rid of some stuff. I was actually planning on setting up a shop-thing for this blog in case you lovelies might want to take a look. maybe when I figure out the whole paypal shindig. but there's one problem... I can't bear to part with any dresses! I've managed to sacrifice at least two, but most of the pile is sweaters or tank tops that I never wear anymore. I just love all my dresses! anyone have any advice for someone trying to make a little closet space?

this is one of the dresses taking up room in my closet right now, but I'm not giving it up yet!

dress- thrifted fr. Beacon's Closet
sweater- fairweather
tights- h&m
belt- fr. another dress

this is the dress I got at the blogger-famed Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn. there was so much great stuff there but for some ridiculous reason I decided to restrain myself. it was a little overwhelming- hundreds of dresses, organized by colour, and I had to try and weed out the hopefuls without keeping my bf or Mel waiting an eternity. if I had my time back I would have just bought half the stuff I tried on and maybe sold/traded it somewhere after a couple wears.

ANYWAYYY. this dress was a shoe-in. it seemed very Amelie-esque to me- I love the ascot. I liked the idea of pairing it with another pattern, and I layered a black sweater for warmth, so I thought these h&m polka dots were the perfect accessory. what can I say, I love these tights.

so that's today's outfit. I kind of-sort of have the afternoon off, so maybe I'll finish sorting through my closet. maybe get myself some sushi...make a grocery list...set up some interviews for the next couple days.
mondays are actually one of the better days in my week.
although I didn't get an interview with Tegan and Sara. boo. that would have made my work week much more interesting.
also, I desperately need new headphones. because I don't have any. that has nothing to do with anything though.

hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.

playing: Chasing Pavements- Adele


Kristin said...

Beacon's closet is amazing! That is such a lovely dress that you found!

What kind of interviews are you setting up?! (Blog or job related)?

Hannah said...

Good luck with the closet clearing! I love going through mine and sorting my clothes out for summer/winter. I too was wondering what your interviews were for?! Good luck with them anyway xx

tess said...

love your dress and great song!

thanks for reading my final blog post. I actually did start another blog already, you can find me a the link above posting under "tess." please stop by and then we can most definitely swap links! :)


Name said...

i wouldn't give up that dress either!

beacons closet has everything right?!?!?!?!

Kassondra DeBoer said...

ooh, I don't blame you for holing on to that beauty! It is so cute on you.

Good luck with the closet cleaning

Wear Necessities said...

gorgeous outfit, and I stumbled accross your blog today and love it! XOXO, Natalya of Wear Necessities

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I've been trying to clear my closet too! I've been trickling over onto Brett's side of the closet, haha! I love your dress and it's so cute with the tights!

Sybil said...

gorgeous!!!!! love the pictures a lot! :D

can i just say that i adore adele and her voice!!!

Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

this is one of my favorites on chictopia!!!!!