in a new york minute

ladies and gentleman, American air travel officially hates me.

I'm still in New York.
now, I want to say at the beginning that I am not complaining, but this is kind of a "you've gotta be kidding me" story. again, it all worked out totally fine..well, with possible slight psychological damage.

we got up at 6am to catch the subway to JFK and our flight was overbooked AGAIN. ridiculous! I feel that practice is so rude. greedy airlines. anyways, we got put on a new flight at 7pm, which meant like, 12 hours in the airport...but I didn't really want to spend four hours on a train to drag my luggage around Manhattan, so we stayed. in retrospect it would have been a much better choice to go back into the city than to spend all day in an awful airport, but live and learn, right?

our new flight got delayed twice, then cancelled. so we don't get home till 2am wednesday morning. we got switched to a LaGuardia flight and, somehow, despite my never leaving JFK airport, my bags got lost. again.

and that's my story of how American airlines must hate me!! I've never had a problem with flying before, even with all the random travelling I've done.

but I'm totally not complaining (anymore) because we got put up in a great hotel and got vouchers for food and stuff. and I've never stayed in a nice hotel before! it's kind of exciting.

still, I'm not sure it makes up for the emotional pain of spending 14 hours in a cold airport with a broken starbucks latte machine.

that's my ramble for today, and here's an outfit for you. my improvised New Year's eve getup.

good LORD I can't believe how much better these photos are! happinessss.

dress (as skirt)- kensie
shirt- kensie girl
cardigan- urban outfitters
hat- h&m
tights- joe fresh
boots- spring

as you already know I didn't have luggage for my first three days in nyc, so this outfit was kind of born out of necessity. hence why it's made up almost entirely of items I bought/received the day before- a hat cause I was freezing, sweater for the same reason, and awesome kensie gear cause Mel was sweet enough to hook me up! I realized on New Year's eve morning that everything kind of went together, and well... I wore it. I really like it too!

it never got to see the ball drop, unfortunately...which I may have mentioned already...but I looked nice enough for the surprisingly excellent last-minute Indian restaurant + superb wine + ginormous crowd of people wandering around 54th St. not the new year's we had planned, but it was fun after all.

...besides, the wine was REALLY good.

okay, I'm gonna go enjoy my hotel room now! and probably finish the second season of The Office, which we watched about 15 episodes of in the airport.
<3 Jim & Pam.



Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Cute layers, love your hat. Were the delays b/c of the snow? Too bad about it, I always have problems flying and it's usually always American airlines...really puts the pain in traveling! ;)

Jen Hsieh said...

I love the outfit with all the random layering. It looks good all put together like that (I especially love the color of that cardigan)! :)
Airports are always so frustrating, and at least you've got a fantastic hotel room! Hope your next flight leaves on time!

Idée Géniale said...

Oh my goodness! I love this all together. You did a fantastic job using the stuff you already had. And the bright colors really pop! I can't believe your still here!oh well, I guess there are worst places than NYC to get stuck in, right?

Brittney-Elizabeth said...

Ugh no way would i spend all day sitting around an airport I'd go nuts. This does not make me want to fly anytime soon and not counting all the other bs that's going on too.

Its funny what you can put together out of random clothing. It looks really cute.

Anonymous said...

oh! i am really sorry to hear your story w/ airplane - i hate when it happened when you got stuck in airport! nevertheless ... i love love the outfit and all the colors!!! super eclectic, xx

Kristin said...

I love this outfit! It is so adorable, and I love the pattern play! I seriously cannot believe how much travel trouble that you had.....that is crazy! It sounds like you had a good time in NY though!

You got two dresses from my shop?! Which ones?

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Cute cute cute! I love that dress, cardi and hat! It's so exciting you got to hang out with Mel. I'm jealous! Wish I could hang out with you girls!

Laura said...

These pictures are so HQ Sarah! What camera are you using now?

Sonya said...

I love all the layers!

Yamin said...

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