I'm only good at being young

well, looks like I was right. things look a little brighter today.

I find that often things I'm dreading or that make me upset are perfectly fine and even somewhat nice once I'm actually experiencing them- story meetings, for example. I stressed myself out over a story idea and the whole thing was pretty low key. and my first idea was actually kind of popular.

anyway, I've just been thinking lately...about that John Mayer song, Stop This Train. I feel like that; "So scared of getting older, I'm only good at being young." I'm not scared of age, or responsibility, or the usual things. I look forward to some of the things that come with getting older, like getting married, or having a family, or a career. it's just the in-between that terrifies me. the part where I have to find a job, and how that probably won't even happen for a long time. and how it'll probably be crappy anyways. and pay very little. yeah, can I just skip that part and have a nice job and no loans to pay off?

that phrase "youth is wasted on the young" is so true. I feel like in my twenties I'm supposed to travel, have adventures, go to rock concerts, stay out all night, buy stuff I don't need- be completely uninhibited and free. but you can't really do most of that stuff when you're trapped in school and flat broke.

I've been lucky and had help from my parents and even my undergraduate program so I've been able to travel, but graduating and having to fend for myself still totally freaks me out.

anyways, after all that, I guess I'm just going to say that I'm trying not to be so worrisome. I don't know when I became a worrier! I guess it comes with age. ;o)

and just so I'm finally caught up with my outfits, here's yesterday's. today's will accompany some happy holiday photos later this evening. :o)

skirt- kensie
sweater- primark
necklace(below)- Christmas present
tights- ardene
shoes- forever 21

I had NO idea what to wear yesterday. I woke up and nothing tickled my fancy except this new skirt, but I didn't know what to pair with it. I like the colour of this sweater, but it is kind of short and matchy-matchy. plus, the skirt was a little bigger than I thought when I tried it on so the attacched belt didn't fit. but I really liked the shoes with the skirt, for some reason I think they go perfectly. it was a nice enough outfit, but I could have done the cute skirt more justice, I think. maybe some purple tights next time?

I'm going to take a nap then probably go to the mall. I just got back from New York City and I'm going to the Halifax shopping centre... I'm crazy.


playing: Baba O'Riley- the Who


Helena said...

I think the outfit is very nice actually :) And that necklace is rather pretty!

Laura said...

I agree! The outfit is really nice!

Jen Hsieh said...

so i just have to say that shade of blue is beautiful on you! :) and youth really is wasted on the young.
the in-between stage also worries me quite often. the journey is always way more complicated than the destination. sometimes i just cross my fingers and hope for the best :)

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Adore the cameo pendant. I collect them myself! Annie.