I want the ocean right now


they are so much awesomer than I ever imagined. cute and funny and talented to boot!
my gosh they've got me so hyped I said "to boot!"

alright I'm actually pretty tired in spite of all the EXCITEMENT (or maybe because of it) so I'll make this quick.
...also, that's what she said.

tee- delias
skirt- tussi jeans (?)
tights- look from london fr. modcloth
vest- garage
boots- forever 21

is it just me, or do my knees look chubby today? haha
also, interesting how each photo I get closer to the camera... not on purpose, really.

this morning I wanted a casual/cool outfit to wear to the concert because I don't ever really change my clothes during the day. I decided for a slightly more stylish jeans-and-t-shirt look starting with my AWESOME Batman shirt. cause Batman is AWESOME. and he's actually made of bats in this picture. awesomeness.
...moving on. I paired it with my new denim bandage skirt that I loveee, and patterned tights for some pizazz. is that how you spell pizazz?
I thought the black in my shirt called for some more black somewhere else so I picked my black vest and boots.

...sorry if I'm not making any sense, I'm kind of dividing my attention between this, The Office, tetris, and sleepiness.

I'm about to eliminate two of those distractions.
hope you all had a lovely day- and listen to Tegan and Sara!

playing: Break it Off- Tegan & Sara

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Sybil said...

aaahh.. i love love love tegan & sarah. i love unique voices and music like that! :D i can totally feel your hyperness! hahaha!

anyway, im digging the tights!!! so funky! :D