I wanna be like you-oo-oo

hello, friends!

I'm taking the liberty of calling you 'friends' because it's nice to be able to say the word sometime, even in a digital sense. :o)

a couple of you were wondering what I meant when I mentioned my 'interviews' yesterday, so I thought I'd explain in case some of you don't know exactly what I'm doing right now...

I'm in a fast-track one-year journalism program (I already have a four-year degree). it's not like your regular college or university program- there are no real classes. the first eight weeks are intense basic training where we DID actually have classes everyday, and it lived up to it's title; bootcamp. it was a lot of in-class work.

then we chose from four workshops where we basically produce some type of medium for five weeks. I did print, so I along with 13 students produced a weekly newspaper. then we had a month long internship, which is when I went to The Coast newspaper here in Halifax and did a bunch of meaningless stuff. now I'm in my second workshop, which is radio. myself and ten other people produce four radio shows a week.

all that to say, I set up interviews for my own stories.

la la la!

skirt- walmart
tights- h&m
shoes- jeffrey campbell fr. modcloth
scarf- modcloth
earrings- vintage fr. buenostyle on etsy

I have a bit of a confession to make. I kind of got this top because Mel of Idee Geniale made it look so darn cool. I was getting a couple things on Forever21.com, and I came across it and remembered how cute it looked on her, and I did want something long sleeved to wear with a couple of my skirts...and I gave in!

...I hope she is flattered to be my inspiration and not offended that I stole her shirt. :o)

I got the skirt at walmart last night when I was out for groceries- it was only $5! and I remembered seeing Flattery wearing it on chictopia and thought "cuuuute!"man, today's outfit is all about imitation! I also wanted to try milkmaid braids because they look so cute on other bloggers, and I thought today was the perfect opportunity because I wanted to wear this scarf that matched the skirt so well.

to sum up, I took a bunch of blogger styles and smushed them together with some killer Jeffrey Campbell heels (that I chose to echo the grommets in the top) and pranced around town for interviews.

I like the result.

now I'm off to watch American Idol and snack on some strawberries and nutella. mmmm. delicious.
also, Avril Lavigne's a guest judge...go Canada?

playing: some nut singing Cult of Personality horribly


Anonymous said...

so cute! I love the skirt, the shirt is awesome, and those shoes are great!!


Name said...

i looove that skirt color.

i havent watched american idol in years but i had no idea she was going to be a guest judge. i use to love her when i was younger.

Laura said...

Avril's style hasn't changed since she was 16! I was kind of disappointed that she wore a hoodie with horns to guest judge the show, but I guess that's how she rolls! :)

Nice attire!!! :)

Unknown said...

i love your skirt. you look absolutely stunning! great style!


Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Haha, I keep forgetting about American Idol. And Avril for that matter ;) I can't believe you got that skirt at Walmart! Love the outfit, doesn't matter where you got the inspiration from as long as you rock it :)

PS. I featured one of your looks on my blog, hope that's alright!!