feeling blue

remember how I said I was getting sick yesterday?
well, I was.
today I was very sick.
and I still went to do my radio story. it was an awful day. just awful. I can't even explain it all. I didn't get to talk to the premier. people basically told me someone else was doing my story because they were better than me. I felt stupid and useless and overwhelmed. and I cried. in front of people. I don't remember the last time I cried in front of anyone besides Brandon or my parents.
it was one of those days where I felt so stupid that I just didn't want anyone looking at me, so I wished I was just dressed like everyone else.
which sucks, cause I really liked my outfit...

dress- topshop
cardigan- kersh
tights- ardene
shoes- forever 21
belt- chinese laundry fr. envy

I'm a little disappointed cause you can't really pick out the details of the outfit in this light. the shoes are leopard print, which I think makes the whole thing a little more modern and fun. and the whole top of the dress is covered in lace. it's been a big week for lace. the belt is brown to tie in the leopard print.

I was SO excited to wear this dress. I got it at topshop in New York and it was love at first sight. it was originally $100, and I got it for $45! I love the super pale pink colour, the girly babydoll silhouette, and the comfy (not itchy!) lace sleeves.

too bad I wore such a cute outfit on a day when I felt like the world hated me. :o(
but it wasn't all bad! I came home to a package from buenostyle containing an adorable pair of vintage dangling fleur-de-lis earrings. they are so great! I got them to replace my awesome camera earrings...I lost one somewhere in the difficult transit from New York to Halifax. I was so sad. usually I don't freak out too much over lost earrings- it happens all the time- unless they have some sentimental value, but these actually were becoming my favourites. oh well. I'll probably just make the one into a necklace.
and now I have cute silver fleur-de-lis to make me feel better.

I'm still feeling pretty crappy physically...so I'm off to bed. I slept away most of my friday, so hopefully I'll feel better for saturday.
hope your day was better than mine!


playing: Come Together- the Beatles


Wild as a Mink said...

Oh man, sorry to hear you had such a sucky day :( Hope you rest up and are feeling better soon, and hopefully better, brighter days are ahead :) We all have those crappy days once in a while, those things get the best of us. Don't worry about it--at least you looked darling in your new Topshop dress!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog! love your outfit, the belting is awesome! I am sorry your day sucked, but you sure looked cute. hope you feel better!

cannot wait to read more, would you like to trade links?

btw great beatles song :)

Idée Géniale said...

Aww, i feel so bad for you! if it makes you feel any better, i'm such a cryer! I can't help myself and start the waterworks even when I try my darnest to be tough. it fails. at least its the wekend and everyone will have forgotten about this little stupid day.
oh and coincidence, I bought a light pink lace dress yesterday at UO! Great minds think alike!

Jen Hsieh said...

i'm sorry to hear your day went so horribly. it's never a good feeling to be replaced and on top of all of that you're sick! stay strong and at least your outfit is stunningly gorgeous. the lace topshop dress is amazing (i remember wanting it when i saw it online) and those leopard shoes are adorable.
get some rest and hopefully you'll feel better in a bit. don't let this day overwhelm you and smile :)

Christina said...

Sorry about your sad day. :( At least your outfit was super adorable! That dress, cardigan, and belt combo is perfect and something that I want to try soon.

BuenoStyle said...

Feel better soon, luv! Glad your new earrings cheered you up a bit!


Kyla said...

I'm sorry your day was so crappy. I hate those days. Sounds like you need a good couple days of rest.

On a brighter note, you look so pretty in this outfit and the photos look great!

Hannah said...

Hi I just found your blog and I love it. Sorry to hear you had a bad day, but your outfit really is gorgeous! I'm off to New York for a few days on Wednesday and can't wait to check out the Topshop there! xx

Name said...

oh darling. i really hope your feeling better. you know with those days you should just let it out and blast some hard core jumpy music to get yourself out of a slump. by calming down and reminding yourself that this is just one day of hell and you've got a million other days to make it better should push you through.

ANYWAYS. your dress is fantastic. im glad to hear the sleeves aren't itchy.