feelin' like a monday

I just finished watching the Golden Globes, and boy was it a night for surprises. well, for me at least. Robert Downey Jr. for best actor- whoda thunk it??
not that I'm not happy about that, mind you. he's the coolest man alive.

I'd love to ramble on about all the other awards and who I think should have won and blah blah blah... but no one wants to read that. I did get 11 right though. and Avatar. so HA to all ye naysayers. (is that even how you spell naysayers?)

also, I'm in love with Colin Firth. and Bradley Cooper. and RDJ. okay I'll stop now.

cropped jacket- Isaac Mizrahi for target, thrifted
jeans- aeropostale
hat- gift
shoes- spring

so this is the jacket thingy I got at the thrift store on friday. the sleeves are a little oddly big, but I thought it was super cute and a nice alternative to a cardigan for once. I immediately pictured it with florals, so I chose this tunic that I haven't worn in a while and was unfortunately unsightly wrinkly.

I never know what shoes to wear with pants! maybe it's somehow the basis of my obsession with skirts, but I can rarely find pants that fit well enough on the bottom to look nice tucked into boots or with heels. *sigh. it's cause my proportions are all weird. it's so hard to find a good skinny jean for a curvy-bottomed gal.

it was a lazy saturday though, so no one saw my outfit anyways. so I'm ok with it's wrinkles and shoe complications. :o)

dress- kensie
tights- h&m
boots- forever 21
cardigan- zara
scarf- american eagle

I'm in love with these new booties already. I keep picturing them with outfits in my head, and they go with everything!
today was a sunshiny day, lovely for pictures, but absolutely freezing. this outfit was put together rather quickly because I was going to be late for church, and so I was unaware whilst dressing that I should really have worn four more shirts and possibly thermal underwear. but I was just grabbing stuff that colour-coordinated and this is what came of it. I'm quite pleased, despite being cold all day.

besides, it wasn't all the outfit's fault. our apartment didn't have heat all day so my toes actually went numb while I was watching the Globes. I think we need to move.

I think that's it...oh, and I bought 500 Days of Summer today. :o) I plan on watching this non-blurry non-bootlegged version asap so I can gain more inspiration from Summer's amazing style while swooning over the fantastic story at the same time. on a related note, loving Annie's Summer Finn series!

hope you had a lovely weekend that was (slightly) more productive than mine!

playing: I Need Something- Newton Faulkner


Unknown said...

I really like the top in the first outfit, though it looks like it could be worn as a cute dress too!

M. said...

cute outfit, I love the second one with the green dress!

lovelove, M.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Cute! I love your Kensie dress!