down to a whisper

well. no pictures again today. :o(
here's a list of what I did today to explain why.

- woke up at 7:30 to start working on my story idea.
- story meeting @ 9:30
- critique of yesterday's show till 11:30
- ran home for lunch, ran back @ 12:00
- called around for interviews
- went to interview, got back around 3:30
- wrote the story, edited clips, recorded voicer, edited that, mixdown, file
- one-on-one with outside critic @ 4:30
- short errand for prof
- went home for about 45 minutes
- class till 8:30

aaaand that was my day. I could have uploaded more photos after class, but I hadn't eaten since lunch and American Idol was on.

that's my excuse! I'm getting good at them now because deadlines are getting harder.

okay but I do have outfit pictures for ya.

skirt- kensie
shirt- h&m
tights- we love colors
shoes- jeffrey campbell fr. modcloth

not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about this outfit. first off, this is one of the few shirts I found lately that I actually really like. it seems plain at first, but it's the cute details that make it- no collar, pleating down the front, shiny black buttons. I feel like an indie waitress. the skirt and shoes I love just as much (I finally gave into the expensive amazing gorgeous unicorn heels! and even though they are so hard to walk in it's totally worth it.) I also really like the colour palette... so I'm happy.

I'm really in the mood to go to a movie tomorrow but I know I won't have time. :o( I know I'm complaining a lot, but this kind of busy isn't the kind where you get to go home and you're done- it's the kind where when you're done, you should probably be emailing/calling/interviewing/researching someone or something else. which is fine, whatever. but I actually have some things I need to get done that I haven't even had a chance to look at since I've been back. PHOTOS.

oh, and thanks if you suggested a new name for me! haha it was interesting. gotta say, I liked Annie's idea of being June. I love more traditional, kinda old-fashioned names like that. Mayble. or Margaret. or Betty. or Flora. I think they can be cute on the right person.

I love names. I love naming things. when I was a kid I used to name the people in my colouring books. and of course all my dolls had names... and so did all the characters in their back stories. I was an odd, introverted child.

my favourite name right now is Maya.

my eyelids are doing that thing where it kind of burns to keep them apart. so, bedtime? yes. I'll see you lovelies latah.

June ?
Emma June?
hmm, I like that...

playing: Brandon playing Why Georgia on gee-tar. 


Laura said...

When I was a little girl if I walked into a store where there were a lot of teddy bears, I would feel REALLY bad for them and have to name every single one before I left the store. Seriously. My OCD tendencies clearly began at a very young age.

By the way, you look stunning in these pictures! This is my new favourite outfit so far. Esp. the heels!!!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness, this I seriously love this outfit. your blouse is perfection....I have been looking for a somewhat simple, yet feminine and detailed white blouse everywhere! gorgeous!

Unknown said...

the heels are gorgeous in your outfit, as is the skirt!

Ashley Dy said...

Pretty skirt! I followed your blog!

Wendy said...

Woah, those shoes are so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love love love this outfit! I know what you mean about shirts, I can never find one that I really like. You know I love colour, so I love that skirt haha. And, those heels are adorable.
I never read the name comments but I do like June as a name for you, even more because its your birth month--is this the reason she suggested it? Anyway, you're stylin.
-emily r.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love names too; isn't it unfortunate we can't go by something completely different every 6 months? My own name is so common!
Love your outfit; you look adorable and those shoes are amazing!

daughteroftheRiver said...

Your outfit is so cute, and I love, love the shoes, good decision.