do you want to know a secret?

hey there everyone!
so I tried posting last night, but blogger simply would not upload my photos. I got frustrated and went to bed. but that just means today you get to see two outfits. yayyyyy.

yesterday's pics were actually kind of hard to get; I took them right around noon, and I had to keep moving the tripod around to keep myself from being too dark/too bright/squinting unattractively.

and today I was in the radio room from 9 to 5:30, so again, dark by the time I got home. which is why I'm going to start trying to take photos in the morning. :o)

dress- gift (vintage fr. LeproustVintage)
cardigan- lush
tights- gift
boots- forever 21
belt- off another cardigan

I finally got the rest of my Christmas presents shipped over from my parents, so I get to wear the other fantastic vintage dress I got! it's a little big, unfortunately, but I think if I get it hemmed it will look a little less overwhelming. I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to pair with it. first I was thinking brown (I love light blue and brown together) but then I found these tights in the package and decided on a brighter colour combo. plus, this way I could wear my new boots again.

I was holding my green purse against my dress and realized I really like this blue with dark green, so I've already decided that next time I wear it I'll pair it with my forest green cardigan and dark grey tights.

I got a few comments on it, and they were generally positive. my of-a-certain-age radio prof seemed interested in it, haha. probably cause he was, you know, actually alive when people used to dress this way.

skirt- modcloth
top- fr. envy
tights- h&m
long sleeve tee- primark
shoes- vintage fr. LAvintage

I was super psyched to wear this outfit because in my head it looked awesome. I'm happy with how it turned out IRL too, but my hair went flat which kind of ruins the good vibe for me. :o( I have this wavy-three barrel curling iron thing that looks awesome sometimes, but I guess lately I've been rushing it or something. I'm going to look into buying some rollers soon, I miss wavy hair.

anyways, the outfit at least stayed nice all day. I paid way too much for this shirt, but I love the colours and pattern. while picking something to wear with it, I realized I hadn't worn my yellow skirt in a while and thought they looked great together. add a couple neutral-coloured layers for warmth and I'm good to go.

which is good, because I spent all my time this morning doing my hair. that went flat anyways. sigh.

also, I got an award from Annie!! I'm not exactly sure what the award means, but it was very sweet of her to give it to me. it's flattering to be recognized on someone else's blog. :o)

so I have to tell seven things about myself:
one.  I am awesome at Rock Band. and I foolishly believe that this qualifies as some type of skill.
two. I have three blisters on my feet right now from the shoes in today's pictures. :o(
three. I have this unshakeable habit of falling in love with tv characters. like Ned from Pushing Daisies or Jim from The Office.
four. my guitar's name is Bob- short and simple, like the only songs I can play, and after my uncle Bob, who was the first one who tried to teach me a song.
five. as soon as I get any source of income and an apartment that will allow it, I plan on getting a boxer puppy. cutest things ever.
six. I'm secretly angry at myself for never learning how to cartwheel when I was younger.
seven. right now I am addicted to hot chocolate. I drink it every day.

and now, I award seven other bloggers.
(if you've already been given it, don't worry about doing it twice!)

three. Jen
five. Alix
seven. Second Skin

...that was hard.
mostly because I don't really know most of my blog followers. I'm working on that!

speaking of which... I don't mean to sound petty, but I think I want to put effort into getting more followers. I mean, that was never the point of this blog. but I know there are a couple that sprang up around the same time as mine that are really doing well and going places, and to be honest I'm a little jealous!

not that I think I really deserve to be as successful as others... there are so many great blogs to choose from and I am definitely not in the top percentile. but if anyone has some tips or suggestions or anything at all I'd be more than happy to hear them! there are certainly some things I don't plan on changing, but I'm open to constructive criticism.

I don't want to make money or get free stuff or anything like that, I just want to improve. :o)
please help! or, if there's something you particularly like about my blog, hearing that would be nice too. 

okay, that said, I'm going to take a nice long bath with my lush holiday gift set. there's something so appealing to me about bathing in pink water.

goodnight, all. 

playing: Do You Want to Know a Secret- the Beatles

ps. I forgot to say, I interviewed Frank Warren, the Postsecret guy, yesterday and did a radio piece on him today. I used this (^) song as the intro music and I swear it's going to be stuck in my head for weeks. so darn catchy.


Sabrina Marie said...

That blue lacey dress is stunning, I have just started a rather small collection of vintage dresses after seeing so many great ones here in blogland, definitely going to be on the lookout for one with lace now.

ps. i just started my blog a few days ago, and thought a post from a post made on here, she's such a sweetheart too.
right after I commented on her post she hopped right over to mine and left me a lovely comment which is great to find when you're first starting out.

Love the blog, keep at it!

Sabrina Marie

Mikhaila said...

I think your blog is great the way it is! I came across yours through someone else's blog and really love you style and reading it is never boring! I just started mine a few days ago and my first (and only!) comment was like the best part of my day haha.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! You update a lot (which is a big thing for me!) and it's easy to navigate, you always have lots of amazing stylish outfits and you're a super nice girl! I don't think you need to change a bit! :)

Jilliebeanie said...

I'm totally jealous of your fab, yellow skirt!

Your blog is great! Just keep participating in the blogging community, your followership (is that a word?) will grow with time.

Kristin said...

The dress looks great on you!!! I sometimes do hem things before putting them in the store, but anything earlier than 70s garments I leave unhemmed and let the buyer will have to post pics when you get it hemmed! I would love to see it!

Thanks for the tag! :) I love that your guitar's name is Bob! That is awesome!

Jen Hsieh said...

thanks so much for the award! <3 you're way too sweet. and i ADORE that vintage dress on you with the purple cardigan. you look so lovely!