blue jean baby

omg, by the time I hit the publish button it will be friday! wow. I am so ready for the weekend.

I want to thank you all for commenting lovely things on my last post. :o) I got some positive reviews, which is great to hear! as long as someone other than me is enjoying this, I'm happy.

I only have two photos for you today because for some reason my camera decided to change focus on the last four shots and they all came out like this:


t-shirt- modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
jeans- delia's
shoes- aldo

I forgot to explain the shopping cart in my photos yesterday! well, I just went outside to take some photos because the snow was so pretty, and there it was. in front of my apartment. so I thought it made a good prop. it was still there this morning, and is still outside my window right now.

right, so the outfit. I made a serious effort to wear jeans this week. had to be done.
I love this t-shirt. I think it's funny, and it fits well. someone always likes it when I wear it. I choose the cardigan because of (obviously) the red in the shirt, and because I wanted some pattern. and I really wanted to try and make these jeans look as "boyfriend jean" as possible, hence the rolling up. also, it showed off my shoes a little more. I thought heels would make this super casual look more...well, me.

there is a price to pay for wearing heels in the snow, though. I fell down in the hallway at school. slickkkk. (don't worry, no one was around to see it.)

besides that, a lot of good things happened today!
I got to do a story on International Hug Day (which it is, fyi.or, was, cause it's probably past midnight now...)
I got to try out being in the "booth" for a radio show, meaning I got to push the buttons on air. (and I only screwed up once.)
The Office finally returned! (even if it was just a clip show..meh.)
I got my loan (!!)
and to celebrate the previous good thing, we ordered chinese food! yummers.
so it was a good day.

...but some guys told me my hugs were crappy?? who says that?! it's like, free love, man. you don't dis free love. anyway, I felt very deflated and slightly embarrassed by this so I stopped hugging people for Hug Day, haha. till the radio tech hugged me, but I think he deserved a chance because he let me have some of his cornbread and maple syrup. which was delicious.
I totally have a major friend crush on this guy.
alas, he's probably too cool for me. that creepy?
crap if anyone from school ever reads that I'll die.

anywho, I'd better get to bed. I think I'm getting sick...which stinks cause I'm supposed to interview the premier tomorrow. not a good day to be under the weather.
*fingers crossed*


playing: Wet Sand- the Chilli Peppers


Unknown said...

I love the 1950s-retro style of rolled-up jeans and pumps

Mikhaila said...

I love the striped sweater over the t-shirt!

and woo hoo to the Office being back on! Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. haha

Kyla said...

This is so cute! I'm in LOVE with that cardigan, especially paired over that cute tee! Have a great weekend!

Jen Hsieh said...

i'm so in love with this casual outfit of yours (and i used to work at delia's so i'm loving those jeans haha) :) i want your shirt!! it's perfect with that cardigan.
oh! and i'm pretty sure that shopping cart makes your pictures a million times better. congrats on getting your loan!

Polished Sense said...

I so love the red and grey on top with the light blue denim. So 70's, I'm inspired. Thank you!