ain't it funny

another week already... good thing I have lots to look forward to or this would be depressing!

skirt- walmart
leggings- seduction, fr. sirens?
boots- spring
necklace- gift

it was snowing today when I took my pictures. it was pretty. :o) I'd much rather have a nice snowy afternoon than a bitterly cold one.
anyways, this is a new top, and I gotta say I really like it. shoulder pads and sequins? can't go wrong. I already have like five outfits made with it in my head. the skirt is an awesome walmart find that has a almost denim look, but fancier. I just wanted to keep the outfit simple. I'm in a simple phase now, I think.   I choose yellow boots to add some colour, and a girly necklace to compliment the bold stripes, and that's it!

today was blissfully uneventful. I did a little prep work for my interviews tomorrow, but other than that I had the afternoon off. I watched 500 Days of Summer and took a nap. I miss free afternoons.

I never mentioned that sunday I had coffee with someone who I think might be my friend, haha. I know that sounds weird, but I don't really have friends in Halifax, and this one is totally unexpected. it's funny how the people you'd never in a million years think you're compatible with end up being your friend. this girl is nice and seems- for some reason- to like me, but we have nothing in common. honestly, nothing. we both watched the Gilmore Girls in highschool, and that's about it. but she's nice to talk to, so who cares? it's just funny, you know. out of everyone I've met here, I wind up hanging out with the smart girl -politician- Twilight fan. who knew?

well, I think one friend is all I'll have time for now anyways. busy busy. except, of course, for random, fleeting afternoons off like today. simple pleasures.

speaking of which, those things I'm looking forward to; The Office coming back on, Tegan & Sara concert, trip to Toronto, my sister coming to visit. in order of appearance and not importance.
January's working out alllllright.


playing: Summer Birds- A Fine Frenzy


Jen Hsieh said...

this is such a lovely outfit, i love the stripes, the sequined shoulders, and your mustard boots! :)
and i have yet to see 500 days of summer.
and i love a fine frenzy. love your taste in music :)

Mikhaila said...

Love the outfit, especially the sequins :)

Crystal Card said...

lovely, I think it has a pretty parisian feel..

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Fun top; I'm digging the shoulder details.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Love that skirt! Check out my blog for a special award to you! Annie.

Name said...

your skirt is so adorable. (glad you made a friend!)

Sara said...

Lovely outfit! I love the colours and the shapes together.
Totally get the unexpected friend thing, too. Sometimes the best friendships happen that way. And for the record, I still love Gilmore Girls! x