she's only nice on the outside

long time no see, bloggerland.

sorry about skipping a couple days, but I decided to take a short hiatus. mostly because on friday I left in the morning and didn't get back to the apartment till midnight and saturday I just wanted to stay away from my computer as much as possible.

so here we are!
I do have some photos for yesterday though; I went super casual, which I feel kind of weird about, but hey, it's gotta happen sometime.

t-shirt- fr. Tegan & Sara concert
pants- delias
cardigan- manteau, fr. pseudio
shoes- vintage fr. LA vintage

as you can tell, our shoes are slowly taking over our only hallway...there's no room for anything here. sigh. oh to be someone with shelves and closets and hot water. 
oh well. I wasn't too keen on this outfit. I mean, I like the pieces individually, I just don't think put together it's very "me." I added the heels to dress it up a little bit, but it felt kind of like I was going out in sweat pants and heels...weird. but I really wanted to show off my Tegan and Sara digs asap. so that's that. 

also, yesterday I got a package in the mail that had lovely things from Second Skin inside! 
this is one of them.

dress- vintage fr. Marie Retro Revival on etsy
tights- hue 
boots- spring, gift
scarf- h&m

I love the dress! I even got a few compliments on it, which was nice encouragement...especially since I wasn't sure it fit all that well. it's a little tight around the hips, but we'll see how the next wear goes. it's just so pretty!
it's a pity you can't really see my scarf in these photos, cause it is darn cute.

anywho, I'm going to cut this short because I have no story idea for tomorrow. I'd better go work on that.  
...or go to bed and hope for inspiration in the morning. one or the other. 

wish me luck!

playing: Nice on the Outside- Christ Kirby

hear the sigh of the trees

I can't believe thursday's practically over already!

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I had four back-to-back radio stories this week, and it was kind of stressful. more than usual, I mean. so next week I finally bit the bullet and asked to be a show producer, just so I can finally have a day where I don't have to be a reporter!

I have a very busy day tomorrow, but if I manage my time well it should go smoothly. and then I'll treat myself mac and cheese or something. I really don't have any plans more than that, haha. I really want to see Youth In Revolt... but I don't think it's in my budget cause I bought a t-shirt at the concert last  night. :oS

anyway, I'm kind of rambling because I feel like I should have something to talk about. but I don't. so here's some clothes. :o)

dress- fr. korea, gift
hair band- tie from a shirt
leggings- seduction
boots- primark

went a little girlier today after yesterday's t-shirt look. I originally wanted to wear this dress with wine tights and black shoes, but I decided I would try the simple route for once. I opted for black leggings and off-white boots to go with the colour of the polka dots. I wanted a head band to wear, and I wanted to add a little more colour or pattern. I thought this tie from the shirt I wore last week had some complimentary colours, so I just grabbed that!

I also wore pretty gold eye shadow, but you can't really see that here.

so lately I've been thinking a lot about fashion inspiration- what with me mimicking three different people in tuesday's outfit and seeing all the other blogger's style tributes. a while back I read Kristin's post about the adorable Jenny Lewis, and it reminded me of another gorgeous and talented red head- Alison Sudol. she goes by A Fine Frenzy in the music world, and not only do I love her poetic tunes and amazing voice, she happens to have killer style.

soooooo I thought I'd post a few lovely photos of her that I grabbed off google and tell you all to look up her songs "Whisper" and "Electric Twist" and "Rangers" cause you'll love them.

ain't she cute??
she has such a whimsical, vintage aura about her. like she's from another time, or some mystical place where time stands still. I just always imagine her living in the Secret Garden and forever surrounded by mist and fruit trees, haha.
(yes, I know there were no fruit trees in the Secret Garden.)
if you listen to her music, you'll understand. she is definitely a beautiful time travelling poet. love. <3

...also, can someone please, PLEASE explain to me how you get your horizontal photos to line up with your vertical ones? it says that all those are the same width in pixels, but obviously they are not the same width in bloggerland. I'm am computer illiterate, help me!

I'd be eternally grateful.

playing: Rangers- A Fine Frenzy

I want the ocean right now


they are so much awesomer than I ever imagined. cute and funny and talented to boot!
my gosh they've got me so hyped I said "to boot!"

alright I'm actually pretty tired in spite of all the EXCITEMENT (or maybe because of it) so I'll make this quick.
...also, that's what she said.

tee- delias
skirt- tussi jeans (?)
tights- look from london fr. modcloth
vest- garage
boots- forever 21

is it just me, or do my knees look chubby today? haha
also, interesting how each photo I get closer to the camera... not on purpose, really.

this morning I wanted a casual/cool outfit to wear to the concert because I don't ever really change my clothes during the day. I decided for a slightly more stylish jeans-and-t-shirt look starting with my AWESOME Batman shirt. cause Batman is AWESOME. and he's actually made of bats in this picture. awesomeness.
...moving on. I paired it with my new denim bandage skirt that I loveee, and patterned tights for some pizazz. is that how you spell pizazz?
I thought the black in my shirt called for some more black somewhere else so I picked my black vest and boots.

...sorry if I'm not making any sense, I'm kind of dividing my attention between this, The Office, tetris, and sleepiness.

I'm about to eliminate two of those distractions.
hope you all had a lovely day- and listen to Tegan and Sara!

playing: Break it Off- Tegan & Sara

I wanna be like you-oo-oo

hello, friends!

I'm taking the liberty of calling you 'friends' because it's nice to be able to say the word sometime, even in a digital sense. :o)

a couple of you were wondering what I meant when I mentioned my 'interviews' yesterday, so I thought I'd explain in case some of you don't know exactly what I'm doing right now...

I'm in a fast-track one-year journalism program (I already have a four-year degree). it's not like your regular college or university program- there are no real classes. the first eight weeks are intense basic training where we DID actually have classes everyday, and it lived up to it's title; bootcamp. it was a lot of in-class work.

then we chose from four workshops where we basically produce some type of medium for five weeks. I did print, so I along with 13 students produced a weekly newspaper. then we had a month long internship, which is when I went to The Coast newspaper here in Halifax and did a bunch of meaningless stuff. now I'm in my second workshop, which is radio. myself and ten other people produce four radio shows a week.

all that to say, I set up interviews for my own stories.

la la la!

skirt- walmart
tights- h&m
shoes- jeffrey campbell fr. modcloth
scarf- modcloth
earrings- vintage fr. buenostyle on etsy

I have a bit of a confession to make. I kind of got this top because Mel of Idee Geniale made it look so darn cool. I was getting a couple things on, and I came across it and remembered how cute it looked on her, and I did want something long sleeved to wear with a couple of my skirts...and I gave in!

...I hope she is flattered to be my inspiration and not offended that I stole her shirt. :o)

I got the skirt at walmart last night when I was out for groceries- it was only $5! and I remembered seeing Flattery wearing it on chictopia and thought "cuuuute!"man, today's outfit is all about imitation! I also wanted to try milkmaid braids because they look so cute on other bloggers, and I thought today was the perfect opportunity because I wanted to wear this scarf that matched the skirt so well.

to sum up, I took a bunch of blogger styles and smushed them together with some killer Jeffrey Campbell heels (that I chose to echo the grommets in the top) and pranced around town for interviews.

I like the result.

now I'm off to watch American Idol and snack on some strawberries and nutella. mmmm. delicious.
also, Avril Lavigne's a guest judge...go Canada?

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just keep chasing pavements

so I skipped a day of blogging yesterday. for no particular reason. I just didn't really get dressed, and not a whole lot happened, so not much blogger material.

I finally started cleaning the bedroom and sorting through my clothes...and boy, do I have clothes. I mean, obviously I knew that. but sometimes I feel that I have so much stuff that I never get a chance to wear it all! I'm trying to get rid of some stuff. I was actually planning on setting up a shop-thing for this blog in case you lovelies might want to take a look. maybe when I figure out the whole paypal shindig. but there's one problem... I can't bear to part with any dresses! I've managed to sacrifice at least two, but most of the pile is sweaters or tank tops that I never wear anymore. I just love all my dresses! anyone have any advice for someone trying to make a little closet space?

this is one of the dresses taking up room in my closet right now, but I'm not giving it up yet!

dress- thrifted fr. Beacon's Closet
sweater- fairweather
tights- h&m
belt- fr. another dress

this is the dress I got at the blogger-famed Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn. there was so much great stuff there but for some ridiculous reason I decided to restrain myself. it was a little overwhelming- hundreds of dresses, organized by colour, and I had to try and weed out the hopefuls without keeping my bf or Mel waiting an eternity. if I had my time back I would have just bought half the stuff I tried on and maybe sold/traded it somewhere after a couple wears.

ANYWAYYY. this dress was a shoe-in. it seemed very Amelie-esque to me- I love the ascot. I liked the idea of pairing it with another pattern, and I layered a black sweater for warmth, so I thought these h&m polka dots were the perfect accessory. what can I say, I love these tights.

so that's today's outfit. I kind of-sort of have the afternoon off, so maybe I'll finish sorting through my closet. maybe get myself some sushi...make a grocery list...set up some interviews for the next couple days.
mondays are actually one of the better days in my week.
although I didn't get an interview with Tegan and Sara. boo. that would have made my work week much more interesting.
also, I desperately need new headphones. because I don't have any. that has nothing to do with anything though.

hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.

playing: Chasing Pavements- Adele

say what you need to say

first off, I'd like to thank you all for your well-wishes and kind words for yesterday. it's so sweet of you all  and it's nice to know that at least someone knows how I feel (or felt). so thank you for your support. you really are the bestest!

obviously, I opted for a lazy fashion day!

cardigan- walmart, gift
tank top- kensie
scarf- gift
jeans- garage (like a million years old
wool slippers- gift
(this whole outfit was practically free)

I feel much better today, physically and otherwise. I was still feeling pretty sick this morning, but I was determined not to spend my entire weekend on the couch. so I popped some tylenol, put on some eyeliner and blush so I didn't look like the walking dead, and went to the movies with Brandon. and I actually started feeling a lot better around lunch time.

we saw The Book of Eli, which was fantastic. one of those intense post-apocalyptic things that kind of make you stomach hurt cause they're so gritty. but a really good story. and I don't want to ruin it, but I really didn't expect a movie about humanity focusing on the Bible. it was kind of refreshing.

post-apocalyptic stories are always so depressing though. same with dystopian ones. how terrible must human nature be if the second the world goes to shit we all start killing and raping each other? and it's happened so many times in the past that you know it's true. that's just so, so tragic. and MEN. men are horrible. I mean women have the cruelty in them to kill and hurt but the first thing men want to do when there's no law is rape. it's just GROSS. I know that sounds juvenile but honestly, is disgusts me that in the midst of killing and suffering that that is still at the forefront of their minds.

...I'm trying not to lump all men in here, haha. after all, Hollywood would be nothing without sensationalism.

anywho. after The Book of Eli since I was in such an intense frame of mind we decided to sneak into The Lovely Bones and get a two-for-one deal.  (sorry mom. it was Brandon's idea.) also very good. also very intense. not in the same way, though, cause it was only rated pg. I prefer Stanley Tucci as Meryl Streep's kind and overworked fashion assistant. :o)

even though these movies were scary and sad and harsh, it felt good to escape to another world for almost the entire day. sometimes I think I'd like to spend my whole life just absorbed in someone else's. I mean, really that's what I do. spend my life with other people's stories- movies, journalism, books, even music. it's what I find most fascinating, but isn't that also odd? to be happier seeing a great film about oh, surfing or something, than actually learning to surf? maybe I need to find a way to do both.

but living in someone else's idea, someone else's creation, someone else's experience- that's part of living too, I think. it's captivating. sometimes I ache to be one of the people who creates the stories, but maybe I'm just supposed to be one of the people who enjoys them with all their heart.
which I do.
I do not understand those who don't!

well. that's that. now I'm going to have some leftover chinese and watch the SAG awards. which appear so far to just be repeats of the Golden Globe winners...
have I mentioned that I love awards season?

there's alot of writing in this post, so if you've made it this far, cheers!
happy weekend.

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feeling blue

remember how I said I was getting sick yesterday?
well, I was.
today I was very sick.
and I still went to do my radio story. it was an awful day. just awful. I can't even explain it all. I didn't get to talk to the premier. people basically told me someone else was doing my story because they were better than me. I felt stupid and useless and overwhelmed. and I cried. in front of people. I don't remember the last time I cried in front of anyone besides Brandon or my parents.
it was one of those days where I felt so stupid that I just didn't want anyone looking at me, so I wished I was just dressed like everyone else.
which sucks, cause I really liked my outfit...

dress- topshop
cardigan- kersh
tights- ardene
shoes- forever 21
belt- chinese laundry fr. envy

I'm a little disappointed cause you can't really pick out the details of the outfit in this light. the shoes are leopard print, which I think makes the whole thing a little more modern and fun. and the whole top of the dress is covered in lace. it's been a big week for lace. the belt is brown to tie in the leopard print.

I was SO excited to wear this dress. I got it at topshop in New York and it was love at first sight. it was originally $100, and I got it for $45! I love the super pale pink colour, the girly babydoll silhouette, and the comfy (not itchy!) lace sleeves.

too bad I wore such a cute outfit on a day when I felt like the world hated me. :o(
but it wasn't all bad! I came home to a package from buenostyle containing an adorable pair of vintage dangling fleur-de-lis earrings. they are so great! I got them to replace my awesome camera earrings...I lost one somewhere in the difficult transit from New York to Halifax. I was so sad. usually I don't freak out too much over lost earrings- it happens all the time- unless they have some sentimental value, but these actually were becoming my favourites. oh well. I'll probably just make the one into a necklace.
and now I have cute silver fleur-de-lis to make me feel better.

I'm still feeling pretty crappy I'm off to bed. I slept away most of my friday, so hopefully I'll feel better for saturday.
hope your day was better than mine!


playing: Come Together- the Beatles

blue jean baby

omg, by the time I hit the publish button it will be friday! wow. I am so ready for the weekend.

I want to thank you all for commenting lovely things on my last post. :o) I got some positive reviews, which is great to hear! as long as someone other than me is enjoying this, I'm happy.

I only have two photos for you today because for some reason my camera decided to change focus on the last four shots and they all came out like this:


t-shirt- modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
jeans- delia's
shoes- aldo

I forgot to explain the shopping cart in my photos yesterday! well, I just went outside to take some photos because the snow was so pretty, and there it was. in front of my apartment. so I thought it made a good prop. it was still there this morning, and is still outside my window right now.

right, so the outfit. I made a serious effort to wear jeans this week. had to be done.
I love this t-shirt. I think it's funny, and it fits well. someone always likes it when I wear it. I choose the cardigan because of (obviously) the red in the shirt, and because I wanted some pattern. and I really wanted to try and make these jeans look as "boyfriend jean" as possible, hence the rolling up. also, it showed off my shoes a little more. I thought heels would make this super casual look more...well, me.

there is a price to pay for wearing heels in the snow, though. I fell down in the hallway at school. slickkkk. (don't worry, no one was around to see it.)

besides that, a lot of good things happened today!
I got to do a story on International Hug Day (which it is, fyi.or, was, cause it's probably past midnight now...)
I got to try out being in the "booth" for a radio show, meaning I got to push the buttons on air. (and I only screwed up once.)
The Office finally returned! (even if it was just a clip show..meh.)
I got my loan (!!)
and to celebrate the previous good thing, we ordered chinese food! yummers.
so it was a good day.

...but some guys told me my hugs were crappy?? who says that?! it's like, free love, man. you don't dis free love. anyway, I felt very deflated and slightly embarrassed by this so I stopped hugging people for Hug Day, haha. till the radio tech hugged me, but I think he deserved a chance because he let me have some of his cornbread and maple syrup. which was delicious.
I totally have a major friend crush on this guy.
alas, he's probably too cool for me. that creepy?
crap if anyone from school ever reads that I'll die.

anywho, I'd better get to bed. I think I'm getting sick...which stinks cause I'm supposed to interview the premier tomorrow. not a good day to be under the weather.
*fingers crossed*


playing: Wet Sand- the Chilli Peppers

do you want to know a secret?

hey there everyone!
so I tried posting last night, but blogger simply would not upload my photos. I got frustrated and went to bed. but that just means today you get to see two outfits. yayyyyy.

yesterday's pics were actually kind of hard to get; I took them right around noon, and I had to keep moving the tripod around to keep myself from being too dark/too bright/squinting unattractively.

and today I was in the radio room from 9 to 5:30, so again, dark by the time I got home. which is why I'm going to start trying to take photos in the morning. :o)

dress- gift (vintage fr. LeproustVintage)
cardigan- lush
tights- gift
boots- forever 21
belt- off another cardigan

I finally got the rest of my Christmas presents shipped over from my parents, so I get to wear the other fantastic vintage dress I got! it's a little big, unfortunately, but I think if I get it hemmed it will look a little less overwhelming. I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to pair with it. first I was thinking brown (I love light blue and brown together) but then I found these tights in the package and decided on a brighter colour combo. plus, this way I could wear my new boots again.

I was holding my green purse against my dress and realized I really like this blue with dark green, so I've already decided that next time I wear it I'll pair it with my forest green cardigan and dark grey tights.

I got a few comments on it, and they were generally positive. my of-a-certain-age radio prof seemed interested in it, haha. probably cause he was, you know, actually alive when people used to dress this way.

skirt- modcloth
top- fr. envy
tights- h&m
long sleeve tee- primark
shoes- vintage fr. LAvintage

I was super psyched to wear this outfit because in my head it looked awesome. I'm happy with how it turned out IRL too, but my hair went flat which kind of ruins the good vibe for me. :o( I have this wavy-three barrel curling iron thing that looks awesome sometimes, but I guess lately I've been rushing it or something. I'm going to look into buying some rollers soon, I miss wavy hair.

anyways, the outfit at least stayed nice all day. I paid way too much for this shirt, but I love the colours and pattern. while picking something to wear with it, I realized I hadn't worn my yellow skirt in a while and thought they looked great together. add a couple neutral-coloured layers for warmth and I'm good to go.

which is good, because I spent all my time this morning doing my hair. that went flat anyways. sigh.

also, I got an award from Annie!! I'm not exactly sure what the award means, but it was very sweet of her to give it to me. it's flattering to be recognized on someone else's blog. :o)

so I have to tell seven things about myself:
one.  I am awesome at Rock Band. and I foolishly believe that this qualifies as some type of skill.
two. I have three blisters on my feet right now from the shoes in today's pictures. :o(
three. I have this unshakeable habit of falling in love with tv characters. like Ned from Pushing Daisies or Jim from The Office.
four. my guitar's name is Bob- short and simple, like the only songs I can play, and after my uncle Bob, who was the first one who tried to teach me a song.
five. as soon as I get any source of income and an apartment that will allow it, I plan on getting a boxer puppy. cutest things ever.
six. I'm secretly angry at myself for never learning how to cartwheel when I was younger.
seven. right now I am addicted to hot chocolate. I drink it every day.

and now, I award seven other bloggers.
(if you've already been given it, don't worry about doing it twice!)

three. Jen
five. Alix
seven. Second Skin

...that was hard.
mostly because I don't really know most of my blog followers. I'm working on that!

speaking of which... I don't mean to sound petty, but I think I want to put effort into getting more followers. I mean, that was never the point of this blog. but I know there are a couple that sprang up around the same time as mine that are really doing well and going places, and to be honest I'm a little jealous!

not that I think I really deserve to be as successful as others... there are so many great blogs to choose from and I am definitely not in the top percentile. but if anyone has some tips or suggestions or anything at all I'd be more than happy to hear them! there are certainly some things I don't plan on changing, but I'm open to constructive criticism.

I don't want to make money or get free stuff or anything like that, I just want to improve. :o)
please help! or, if there's something you particularly like about my blog, hearing that would be nice too. 

okay, that said, I'm going to take a nice long bath with my lush holiday gift set. there's something so appealing to me about bathing in pink water.

goodnight, all. 

playing: Do You Want to Know a Secret- the Beatles

ps. I forgot to say, I interviewed Frank Warren, the Postsecret guy, yesterday and did a radio piece on him today. I used this (^) song as the intro music and I swear it's going to be stuck in my head for weeks. so darn catchy.

ain't it funny

another week already... good thing I have lots to look forward to or this would be depressing!

skirt- walmart
leggings- seduction, fr. sirens?
boots- spring
necklace- gift

it was snowing today when I took my pictures. it was pretty. :o) I'd much rather have a nice snowy afternoon than a bitterly cold one.
anyways, this is a new top, and I gotta say I really like it. shoulder pads and sequins? can't go wrong. I already have like five outfits made with it in my head. the skirt is an awesome walmart find that has a almost denim look, but fancier. I just wanted to keep the outfit simple. I'm in a simple phase now, I think.   I choose yellow boots to add some colour, and a girly necklace to compliment the bold stripes, and that's it!

today was blissfully uneventful. I did a little prep work for my interviews tomorrow, but other than that I had the afternoon off. I watched 500 Days of Summer and took a nap. I miss free afternoons.

I never mentioned that sunday I had coffee with someone who I think might be my friend, haha. I know that sounds weird, but I don't really have friends in Halifax, and this one is totally unexpected. it's funny how the people you'd never in a million years think you're compatible with end up being your friend. this girl is nice and seems- for some reason- to like me, but we have nothing in common. honestly, nothing. we both watched the Gilmore Girls in highschool, and that's about it. but she's nice to talk to, so who cares? it's just funny, you know. out of everyone I've met here, I wind up hanging out with the smart girl -politician- Twilight fan. who knew?

well, I think one friend is all I'll have time for now anyways. busy busy. except, of course, for random, fleeting afternoons off like today. simple pleasures.

speaking of which, those things I'm looking forward to; The Office coming back on, Tegan & Sara concert, trip to Toronto, my sister coming to visit. in order of appearance and not importance.
January's working out alllllright.


playing: Summer Birds- A Fine Frenzy

feelin' like a monday

I just finished watching the Golden Globes, and boy was it a night for surprises. well, for me at least. Robert Downey Jr. for best actor- whoda thunk it??
not that I'm not happy about that, mind you. he's the coolest man alive.

I'd love to ramble on about all the other awards and who I think should have won and blah blah blah... but no one wants to read that. I did get 11 right though. and Avatar. so HA to all ye naysayers. (is that even how you spell naysayers?)

also, I'm in love with Colin Firth. and Bradley Cooper. and RDJ. okay I'll stop now.

cropped jacket- Isaac Mizrahi for target, thrifted
jeans- aeropostale
hat- gift
shoes- spring

so this is the jacket thingy I got at the thrift store on friday. the sleeves are a little oddly big, but I thought it was super cute and a nice alternative to a cardigan for once. I immediately pictured it with florals, so I chose this tunic that I haven't worn in a while and was unfortunately unsightly wrinkly.

I never know what shoes to wear with pants! maybe it's somehow the basis of my obsession with skirts, but I can rarely find pants that fit well enough on the bottom to look nice tucked into boots or with heels. *sigh. it's cause my proportions are all weird. it's so hard to find a good skinny jean for a curvy-bottomed gal.

it was a lazy saturday though, so no one saw my outfit anyways. so I'm ok with it's wrinkles and shoe complications. :o)

dress- kensie
tights- h&m
boots- forever 21
cardigan- zara
scarf- american eagle

I'm in love with these new booties already. I keep picturing them with outfits in my head, and they go with everything!
today was a sunshiny day, lovely for pictures, but absolutely freezing. this outfit was put together rather quickly because I was going to be late for church, and so I was unaware whilst dressing that I should really have worn four more shirts and possibly thermal underwear. but I was just grabbing stuff that colour-coordinated and this is what came of it. I'm quite pleased, despite being cold all day.

besides, it wasn't all the outfit's fault. our apartment didn't have heat all day so my toes actually went numb while I was watching the Globes. I think we need to move.

I think that's it...oh, and I bought 500 Days of Summer today. :o) I plan on watching this non-blurry non-bootlegged version asap so I can gain more inspiration from Summer's amazing style while swooning over the fantastic story at the same time. on a related note, loving Annie's Summer Finn series!

hope you had a lovely weekend that was (slightly) more productive than mine!

playing: I Need Something- Newton Faulkner