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at last. I've been non-stop doing cheerful holiday things since I woke up early saturday morning, and I couldn't be more happy. I so needed to get out of Halifax! Newfoundland has SNOW.

now I have to get back on track. I slack off on the internet use for 24 hours and I have so many blog posts to read!! and I missed three favourite Christmas movies posts and my travelling outfit. I was also going to do one of those picture-an-hour posts for my day heading home, but... I fell asleep on the plane and it threw off all the timing, haha.

I do have pictures of my travelling outfit, though.

(can I just say- yay pictures outsideeee!)

dress (as shirt)- gift
skirt- charlotte russe
tights- we love colors
boots- charlotte russe
long sleeve tee- fr. costco

I went for comfortable and warm, but still pretty. I wanted to look nice when I got of the plane to see my family. :o) I just wanted to try this plaid shirt dress as a top, and I thought this skirt would make it a nice balance of kinda-cutesy and more sophisticated. I picked pink tights for a POP of colour, and red will be used plenty in my wardrobe over the next couple of days. so there you have it! I was very comfortable. (proven by the fact that I fell asleep.)

today was interesting.. I wanted to take photos outside but my family was confused as to why I wanted pictures of myself when it was cloudy and wet out. so I went for in front of the tree as a back up, and my dad took them. he did a pretty good job, but ick on the lighting. I need help. how do you take good photos inside?! Delightfully Tacky took amazing ones, but she's probably a camera genius anyways...

so, without further adieu, here they are.

haha I tried to get him to take a close-up so you could see my earrings, but no dice. 
they're handmade felt roses. :o) early Christmas present!

dress- local Halifax shop, splurge
turtle neck sweater- fairweather
tights- we love colors
shoes- h&m
earrings- gift (from Korea)

I'm sad the photos didn't come out the greatest cause I love this outfit! this is one of my favourite new(ish) dresses, and I only wear it when I really want to look special. since today was the official Christmas sunday and my first full day home with the fam, I thought I could break it out. the sweater is for warmth, and I picked green tights instead of red because I'll be wearing plenty of that in the next little while. besides, I love emerald green and black.

ok, moving right along!
next on my list of top ten Christmas movies...


okay, so I'm kind of cheating here- #7 is really two of my favourite Christmas movies, because it's the same story. that's fair, right? everyone knows The Muppet's Christmas Carol is just wonderful, but I wanted to make note of this new version. mostly because it's just visually beautiful. I love the parts with twinkling magic dust and Christmas dances and people playing in the snow. and the story is the ultimate classic, so you can't go wrong! (and I'm not even a Dickens fan. although his characters were timeless and brilliant.)


who wouldn't love a Disney movie starring Tim Allen? this has always been a holiday favourite of mine- I love the whole idea, the story, the cheesiness, everything. my favourite part is when the little girl puts out soy milk for Santa cause she remembers he said he was lactose intolerant. see, cute right? I wish my dad turned into Santa...although he fell off our roof once putting up Christmas lights, so maybe he was Santa and he lost it.


loooove. everyone loves the classic cartoon version, and I think the live-action one totally does the simple story justice. Jim Carrey's over-acting definitely comes in handy- he's positively perfect. and that Cindy Lou is so darn sweet. it's pretty much just a heart warming tale all 'round, and it always makes me feel like Christmas.

and, fyi, sweet little Cindy Lou is now on Gossip Girl. weird.

DONE! ok so that means only FIVE DAYS to Christmas! I'm such a kid. I'm excited. I'm also excited about seeing my friends tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... it's so nice to be back on the rock.
(I do miss Brandon already though. lame. I wish we could spend Christmas together. it's the only thing not perfect this year.)

anywho, that's all I got.
thank you to anyone who actually read that, haha.

playing: Hotel Room- Regina Spektor


Jen Hsieh said...

i saw a christmas carol the other week in 3d and it was fantastic! and i love the way you work color into your outfits with your tights. :)

Laura said...

Oooooh my favourite "Christmas Carol" movie is the one with Patrick Stewart. He makes an amazing Scrooge!