we were laughing at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground

holla blog!

no case of the mondays here. I think it's carried-over jolliness from yesterday; I continued Christmas-spiritizing by decorating the apartment and wrapping presents while watching Elf. it actually took up most of the day, which was okay because the forecasted snow turned into rain very quickly, so I had no desire to go outside.

I don't have any holiday-themed sweaters unfortunately, and I was really in the mood for one, so I just stole Brandon's. I've been obsessed with the idea of oversize lately. I think it's the appeal of belts. this was my "getting in the spirit" outfit.

funny story... I literally found this hat on the side of the road. it was on the sidewalk in front of a neighbourhood house one day, so I picked it up and put it on the car in the driveway. a couple days later it was still on the sidewalk, so I guessed no one was missing it, stuck it in the washer, and...new hat for moi.

sweater- Brandon's, h&m
belt- thrifted
jeans- aeropostale
shoes- h&m
hat- found?

below is no flash, so you can see the pretty lights along with our cut-out Christmas tree. :o)

today was actually a busy day at work. there's less than two weeks left of the internship, so we're all starting to get a few more assignments. I have four due by next monday, and I'm actually happy. time goes so slowly when you're trying to kill it.
there's a cruel song lyric in there somewhere...

I had lots to tell you today, but alas, it is late already. it was a busy evening as well. so perhaps tomorrow!
for now, I leave you with outfit pics.

dress- american eagle
t-shirt- suzy shier
cardigan- costa blanca
tights- modcloth
boots- charlotte russe
necklace (below)- buenostyle on etsy

I think this locket is perfect. I love the brass colour, and how the pattern is on both sides, so you on't have to worry about which one is facing out.

g'night, folks.

playing: Black Cadillacs- Modest Mouse


Anonymous said...

I love your yellow tights! you have a great sense of style, so fun and colorful! I cannot wait to see more, would you like to trade links?

Crystal Card said...

love the ae dress, the cardigan and the locket.. obv, the outfits are adorable as well!

Kristin said...

I am loving oversized cozy sweaters this season too! The story behind your hat is great!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I love your sweater!