twas the night before Christmas

Christmas eve already!! time, what is UP?! you are going by super fast. it's ridiculous, really.

I guess I sort of lied when I said "no more slacking off" while home for Christmas, cause clearly I haven't been updating. but I have excuses! life has been a whirlwind for the past couple days. last night especially, when my rarely seen party girl side decided to make a breakout appearance at my friend's band's reunion show. messyyyyy. but all turned out well and I think most people had a great time, so all in all a good build up to Christmas eve. (although my mom chose to ignore the fact that my sister and I had been out all night and woke us at 9 am to wrap presents. it was not the greatest morning, haha.)

I've also been running around trying to see all my friends, which was the greatest thing EVER. I've missed them all so much.
oh, that reminds me- special shout out to Janet and Butt, who are my secretly and dearly dedicated fans, apparently, haha. I hope I get to see you again before I go.

today was spent wrapping presents and drinking lots of water and in general having plenty of family time. we watched Christopher the Christmas tree (my sister loves it- we watch it every year) and ate fisherman's brewis (Newfie food! yummm) and went to the Christmas eve service at church. it was a pretty full day. but no one would watch White Christmas with me!! they said we didn't have time. :o( which really brings me to my next subject...


White Christmas is my second favourite Christmas movie! I know what you're thinking- but Sarah, what could be better than Bing Crosby and possibly the most loveable musical plot ever?? you shall see...

so many reasons to love this movie. one, Bing Crosby makes me swoon. even for a goofy lookin' guy he sure can charm with that crooning. two, the other guy (whose name constantly escapes me) is hilarious. three, the costumes are fab. and everything was classier in the 50s.

I could go on and on, but chances are you all know and love this one. and for the record, no rendition of White Chrismas will beat Bing's in my opinion.

only one left! now, I know I missed a couple outfits, but I do have them on my computer and ready to go. instead of doing a massive photo spree on Christmas eve I think I'll just save some for later. so here is my festive apparel. :o)

dress- vintage fr. billygoatvintage on etsy
tights- Modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
boots- charlotte russe
belt- primark
earrings- gift

this is my idea of festive...did I go a little overboard? haha. I originally planned to wear plain black tights, but I couldn't resist mixing patterns. it's a special occasion, after all.

I picked out this dress for Christmas eve ages ago- I've kind of been saving it. I thought this cardigan would look great with it, and I tried breaking the dress up with a belt. then of course, the tights just kind of happened. I'm not sure how I feel about the boots matching the belt so perfectly, but I guess the rest of the outfit it loosey goosey enough that matching is a-ok. I got plenty of comments, that's for sure!

that's it for me tonight! sorry for the abrupt ending, but technically it's Christmas right now and I am so excited. besides, if I don't get to bed in time Santa won't come.

I hope you all have the sweetest dreams and happiest thoughts and that visions of sugarplums dance in your heads. have a very merry Christmas!!

playing: Aeroplane- Red Hot Chili Peppers


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love your mix of patterns! Those tights are so adorable. Merry Christmas! <3

Jen Hsieh said...

nah you weren't too festive. it's the perfect outfit (and the mix of patterns is adorable!) love that dress.
hope your christmas was/is fantastic!! :)

AlixDarling said...

I love, love, love love, this dress! So perfect!