this is a decision to live fast

oh boyyy! Christmas is inching ever closer! I haven't even started on my chocolate advent calendar yet... that's a cheap chocolate binge waiting to happen.

haven't got much to say today except that walmart is awesome, so I'll just jump right into the good stuff. :o)

Annabelle was curious about what was going on... she looks so evil in pictures. oh doggy red eye, you spoil so many photos.

dress- Modcloth
cardigan- kersh fr. envy
belt- smart set
tights- ardene
boots- charlotte russe

I wanted to wear this dress over the holidays because it reminds me of a candy cane. the short sleeves called for a sweater, and I thought the belt pulled everything together. plus it makes me look skinnier, haha. that's pretty much the whole thought process for this outfit...candy cane themed and stay warm. done.

well, that was easy! next!
favourite Christmas movies you say? we've broken the top five.


this is when Will Farrell finally won me over. I'm not a fan of "stupid humour" types, as I like to call them, but after Anchorman, Stranger Than Fiction, and this gem I knew I was a little glad Will was alive.

so much to love about this movie! I love the silly, totally PG humour; my absolute favourite part is when he bounces off the couch and up onto the tree to put the star on. or when Jovie yells for him not to look at her so he covers his eyes and runs into a wall, haha. it's hilarious.

that also brings up my other favourite part of the movie- Zooey Dechanel! I think this was the first film I ever saw her in, and I thought she was adorable and talented (I was very pleased to hear that was her real singing voice.) and now she's like, my icon! go Elf.

Elf cracks the top five for being funny, totally cute, and positively drenched in Christmas cheer.

speaking of which, Christmas cheer is taking over my days and once again, I'm forced to update at 2am. I'm exhausted! bedtime for me.

have a beautiful night/day/whenever you're reading this. :o)

playing: Time to Pretend- MGMT


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Fun dress; great combination of print and ruffle.

Zhcsyra hp said...

lovely ur adorable dress nd nice cardi

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

That dress is so adorable.. and I love Elf! Such a great movie!