some days are better than others

could this week go any slower?!

I'm so excited I could burst. and we're (the interns) practically out of things to do at work, so the days just draaaag on. I actually spend a lot of time checking peoples blogs (shh!) so at least I keep up with everyone!

anyway. today wasn't exactly superb. I slept in, so I didn't get to adjust my outfit to quite the way I wanted it...and my hair wasn't so great. I think I'm just going to resign myself to the fact that my hair is just straight, I think I'll be less disappointed that way. it used to do everything I wanted- wavy, tousled... now it's just STRAIGHT.

well, here was what I ended up wearing!

ok, so my hair's not straight here. but this took all day! what I mean is, straight is all ti does well.

top- present fr. boyfriend :o)
pants- h&m
tank top- smart set
vest- charlotte russe
necklace- traded for!
shoes- forever 21

how much do I LOVE these shoes?! they're scary high and my feet started to hurt after 12 minutes of walking, but hey- they're so cool. there's staples in 'em!

I got them in the mail yesterday and used them to jazz up this otherwise plain outfit. I really like the style of this painter shirt, but Im never entirely sure how to wear it interestingly... I think the skinny pants balanced out the proportions, but it was still to meh for me so I added the vest. not my favourite outfit, but try, try again! I'll figure out this shirt next time.

and still, the SHOES.

moving on. my next Christmas movie pick!


classic claymation Rudolph! I've watched this movie every year on cbc for as long as I can remember. I love it for its nostalgia, and cause it's just too darn adorable. and I love Clarice with her pretty little eyelashes and stylin' red bow.  I got my sister a musical Christmas bulb with Rudolph and Hermey last year. I'll never get sick of this classic.

playing: I'll Be Home for Christmas- Martina McBride

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