the most wonderful time of the year

"I'll be Home for Christmas" has been playing constantly in my head for weeks now.

I know it's obvious I'm excited for the holidays- I've been counting down since 52 days- but now that it's so near the excitement has grown to an ache. there's a chill seeping into my bones and and tinge of loneliness in each day. I think it's my soul getting me ready for my cozy house and wonderful friends.

really, I know I've talked about having no friends before, but it's especially hard around this time. I'm so thankful that I have Brandon, I don't know what I'd do without him. but I've come to realize that I miss my friends more than just having friends. which I think is better. I'm so grateful that I've had such beautiful souls in my life to laugh with and cry with and just have so much fun with. sure, there were hard times, but not being around them at all makes me realize how good I had it.

which brings me to my next point, I suppose. Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year, and I'm tired of pretentious anti-capitalist grinches telling me I'm a slave to consumerism because of it. for me, it's wonderful because I get to see all the people I love and do something nice for them, to show they're appreciated. it's wonderful because the weather is crisp and snowy and decorations are beautiful and Christmas flavoured lattes are the bomb. but whether you dislike the consumerism because of your faith or because you think it's blown out of proportion, I think you're missing the point.

from a Christian perspective, I recognize the meaning behind Christmas. Jesus was born, and that's awesome. and the whole point was that God wanted us to be happy, right? (well, technically He wanted us to be saved, but I think it's safe to say happiness was included in the deal.) so I see Christmas as a time to celebrate that! enjoy the things that make you happy- friends, family, lattes. and make others happy too. THAT'S why I love buying presents. not because I feel like I have to spend tons of money on the best possible gift because it's expected of me. I really love the thought of bringing a smile to the face of someone I love. and yes, we should appreciate one another all year round, but the holidays are a time specifically set aside in our busy Westerner schedules to relax and enjoy it.

yes, RELAX. I don't understand when people get stressed about the holidays; if you don't enjoy doing something, just don't! if you don't like crazy seasonal sales, don't go. if you stress about cooking the perfect Christmas dinner, don't do it. get someone to help. if you are afraid of heights and aren't looking forward to putting lights on the roof, don't do it. I promise you, no one will pitch a fit.

Christmas should be FUN. and I don't think Jesus would mind.

see, I told you yesterday I had a lot to say!
can't say I didn't warn you.

anywho, here's today's outfit. seems kind of abrupt, but it's 1am. forgive me.

I realized when I put this on that the top is longer than I remember...or maybe the dress is shorter. either way, I ended up liking how the skirt just peeked out. I like the colour combo.
and I got this cute hat at walmart for just three bucks! what a deal.

tunic- renee c., fr. envy
dress- american apparel 
tights (doubled up!)- smart set, ardene
boots- spring
hat- walmart
necklace (below)- modcloth

ps. isn't this necklace gorgeous?! when I saw it was named after Mrs. Dalloway I had to have it.

farewell again, bloggers!
I hope you are beginning to feel some holiday cheer warm your winter hearts. :o)


Crystal Card said...

Wonderful post! I agree whole heartedly!

Cookie said...

I adore the skirt! I love to wear dark tights & that combines just perfectly!!