let your red heart show

weekends are far too short.
the only reason I don't mind so much this time is that the quicker each day goes by, the closer I am to my Christmas holiday!

sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but it was an extremely and wonderfully busy day. Brandon and I got up and cleaned the whole apartment, I did some yoga, we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox (finally!) and then we went to see Hey Rosetta! playyyy. so much goodness packed into one saturday! alright, so the cleaning wasn't the most fun, but at least we got it done. and HEY ROSETTA! yay!

they were amazing, as usual. I feel so patriotic after seeing them outside of Newfoundland for the first time- I was so proud. I felt like all the Nova Scotians there who were cheering their love had no right, because we shared a homeland and they were Newfoundland's pride, not yours! grrrr. of course that is irrational and silly, since most of those people have probably been HR! fans longer than I have. but still. homeland!

I'm so proud to be from Newfoundland. I've never loved it more than after moving away.

anyways, for the concert I dressed more for practicality than coolness. besides, I knew no one would be looking at me. it's been freezing cold here lately, so I piled on the layers- a long sleeve shirt, a thick sweater, tights, legging, denim shorts, wool socks, a huge scarf, and a fur hat. needless to say the temperature extremes were not ideal; positively arctic outside, and a billion degrees at the crowded concert and jumping around for two hours. I think I may have sweat off a couple pounds.

sorry it's blurry, it was getting dark and then my camera died, so this was the only picture I had!

I look like the Sarah of two years ago. this is definitely something I would have worn back then. I was very into patterns and matching and was just...what's a nice word for the opposite of sophisticated? haha
I didn't like looking like my old self at first, so I changed out the denim for some plaid shorts...but it looked pretty ridiculous. so maybe 20-year-old me got it right some of the time.

sweater- h&m
shorts- bluenotes
leggins- seduction fr. sirens (oooh)
boots- spring
gold beads- claire's

so I'm thinking of hemming this dress to the length in the first picture...I love the dress, but when it's so long it kind of makes me feel a little 70s mom-ish. maybe. maybe not.
I tried to make it a little more modern with the long cardigan and mod black buttons.

dress- vintage fr. topdrawervintage on etsy
cardigan- kensie 
belt- rw&co
tights- ardene
shoes- aldo
earrings (third photo)- local shop, peepshow girly boutique 

I am very proud of my recent accessories purchases. those camera earrings are just so unique, and I've already gotten compliments on them from strangers. and I really wish you could see the heels of my new shoes- they're wooden, it's such a cute touch. and they're suede, too. I had to brave the freezing cold wind for 35 minutes on friday to pick them up at the UPS store, and at the time I felt it totally wasn't worth it- but today, from the comfort of my warm apartment, I feel much better about it. :o)

well, that's enough from me. time for more yoga! I'm going on kind of a crash fitness binge this week in preparation for my trip home. I know I'm going to be sitting on my butt all day and stuffing myself with my mom's amazing homemade goodies. so for this week I'm actually putting thought into working out and eating right, as in no sweets, no McDonald's, and nothing that is a billion calories for one meal.

oops, I'm rambling again.
6 more sleeps!

playing: another pilot- Hey Rosetta!


Kristin said...

ohhh I love both these outfits! I especially love the sweater in the first outfit...it is adorable!

Regarding your comment to my Anne of Green Gables post: I too read SO many Babysitter's Club books! I had forgotten about those until you mentioned them...too funny!

Idée Géniale said...

Wait, you're planning to visit nyc??! Let me know when, I'd love to meet up, maybe I can take you to some of my fave stores?? Well that is if you have the time as i know how it gets when traveling, but definitely do not hesitate to send me an email on when you're going to be here!

Oh and I knew that was a kensie cardigan just by looking at it! Scary right? I love that purple dress with the ruffle detail along the collar.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That purple dress is so sweet; love the ruffles along the collar.