let it snow

well, it appears I have used up my monthly limit of flickr..so uhhh..back to uploading the old-fashioned way I guess?

uhhh whatchou talkin' bout this is AWESOME quality!
whatever, it's SNOWINGGGG. 

shirt- h&m
sweater- forever 21
skirt- forever 21
tights- joe fresh
boots- charlotte russe

I loved wearing this today. it was comfy and cute (I think) and I really like the colours. I love this cardigan + anything red. it's one of my faves- bought from forever 21 back when I wanted every sweater on the site. is it just me or was their online selection way better last year? I miss cardigans like this one; rich colours, cute patterns, good fit. very vintage-looking.
that said, I did get this skirt there recently and love <3. I love how it fits me, and the belt is detachable. score!

today was extremely long and extremely cold and extremely frustrating, so I'll just do my next movie pick and be done with it.


that's right, I admit it. I think this move is funny and too darn cute. I confessed to my fellow interns earlier today and they told me it was because I was a girl. puh- I hate that. I'm not usually into girly movies. only the good ones.

anyway. The Holiday pleasantly surprised me. I always despised Jack Black till I saw this and actually thought he was funny. I'm also not a Cameron fan, so meh. I personally think her character is the weakest link. and well, Jude Law and Kate Winslet = gold. I always love Kate. she's perfection.

I just find this movie overall so charming! it's got some great lines and adorable characters and a little sense of seasonal cheer. it's not entirely a Christmas movie, but close enough to be my number eight.

and that's that!

time for bed. only one more oh-so-agonizing day to go! C'MONNNN saturdayyyy.


Jen Hsieh said...

i'm in love with that movie, one of my all time favorites. :) and i love all the colors and layering in this outfit. love the snow!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely LOVE that movie.. definitely one of my favorites! We played the soundtrack to the movie as a background to our wedding when everyone was being seated and what not!

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur coolest jacket and awesome skirt.